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Battlecrasher Reward: 50 Souls

So finally got a Battlecrasher to show up in a match and what is the reward? 50 Souls. Really??? So you took the worst “reward” in the game from the Treasure Gnome and just cut it in half. The absurdity of such meager rewards for a rare event has been mentioned over and over but this is indicative of someone who not only doesn’t care about the game but actively hates the players.

If you can’t appropriately itemize the rewards then take out the event.


Personally, I don’t see the downside of them, regardless of whether or not 50 souls are useful to me. They make battles easier and more fun, there are lots of them at the moment, and it’s not as if they’re replacing something of greater value (e.g. a treasure gnome). It’s a bonus, and I can see how it could help newer players.


I agree the rewards are petty at best but see it from another perspective.

The battlecrusher troop will break the synergy of that team which makes it for an easier win.

From the other end you get someone suffering a defense loss while gifting you with an additional 50 souls :laughing:


When I got the first one and it was 50 souls I thought the devs were doing a trick or treat like we see in other games and I just got the “trick” reward. Nope, they’re all 50 souls. The devs got one over on us.


Sadly the people who are complaining about too much to do, feel overwhelmed, and they also feel they aren’t able to keep up with people that have more time to play.

If the rewards were better, they would complain once again that there is too much to do, with 50 souls being the reward, they don’t have to bother complaining, because they don’t have to worry about falling behind… However, I do believe this was done to appease those folks, and make it so the people that play a lot have nothing really to gain from the crashers…

Oh well, at least we won’t see dozens of posts from people complaining they need this event to last 7 days in order for them to profit from it…

Wow, you sound salty. Not in a good way. You usually have a lot of constructive things to say and contribute. The Battlecrasher reward has nothing to do with people who disagree with you on some other post. Take it for what it is. The devs are giving us candy corn for Halloween one kernel at a time.


I certainly appreciate your Attitude of gratitude. It’s refreshing, and I certainly didn’t mean to sound salty. if you, and others, are happy with 50 souls, I respect that, and I will try to remind myself each crasher is like a piece of candy corn.


I just don’t need anymore souls, so for me it is a very unexciting event.


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I know this Battle Crasher event is targeted at early gamers, but is Spooky Imp’s appearance rate really intentional?

It appeared way too much, in almost every battles, like a reversed chance of Gnome: 95% instead of 5%. I’m more excited for a battle without Spooky Imp more than the ones with it, and it’s just Monday after reaching Tier 1.

More souls are nice and all, but when rewards become too common, it destroyed the excitement when I got it. I didn’t remember Moa Event got this frequently rate.


Patch notes claimed the crashers won’t impact gnomes, but my guild members have been mentioning all morning gnomes are far too infrequent compared to the crashers. It’s possible it’s because the event is spawning more frequently, and gnomes are excluded as are crashers in reverse from spawning in the same battles… That has to be having an impact, I would assume.

Not eve4rybody is level 1600+, I agree with you that at a certain level you don’t really need more souls but bare in mind the lower ranked players who are grinding to get enough souls to level up there troops. They are happy with those souls.


I see it as a poor and dull event, but not because of the rewards. They could put 500 gems in each Battlecrasher’s bag and it would still be a poor and dull event…

Since the first “Moa event” i’ve been expecting the devs to invest more into such events, then we had gnomes and i assumed it was a logical step to what could eventually be a better and exciting event. Now after so much time i’m sure there will be no more improvements.

I do respect that, but I also worry there will be no more exciting events aimed at high level players. Which saddens me.


Well played devs, well played. :clap:

Battlecrasher at every 1 or 2 PVP battles and 0 gnomes after 2 hours of playing. Garbage rewards.


I seem to have around the normal number of gnomes. One pet gnome, one treasure gnome, and one glory gnome. In about 1000 seals from daily tasks, delves, and a bunch of pvp.

I kind of like the crasher event. Something different. The imp sometimes messes up the other team badly, such as a gold based bronzelock pistol team. But a couple times it managed to transform me. I don’t really care much about the 50 souls either way, it’s just a little freebie. (I have dawnbringer but not all troops leveled.)

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Trying to imagine my son playing with his relatively young account and having battle crashers drop, say, 5000 souls every other battle.

I mean he’d be happy as anything, but somehow I think that progress might be a bit quick.

The reward sucks and for new players, the Imp is far harder than the majority of troops in any kingdom. New players will struggle to be able to fight them and there is a reason why Spooky Imp naturally appears with Draakulis for Dreadknight class change…

He appears far too often but I bet you, if Mongo event arrives (One with 25 gems, going off 4.1 Screenshot), he’ll almost never show up but when the reward is junk, the battlecrasher troop will arrive almost every battle.

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Its a week long event and the frequency is very high. I don’t need the rewards, but I can appreciate the event. I’m sure some people still leveling troops can use the souls for playing the game nearly normally.

Anyone who really wants rewards should just chill until the Vault Event next weekend.

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The only reason I’m not upset is because I’m at a point in the game where the kind of reward it takes to make me excited is not appropriate for an event that happens randomly and doesn’t involve a lot of work. Here are things that won’t make me excited:

  • Gold: < 100k is useless.
  • Souls: I don’t give a flip, I have nothing left to spend them on.
  • Glory: Sure.
  • Gems: Sure.
  • Diamonds: Sure!
  • Ingots: Epics only please.
  • Chaos Shards: Sure.
  • Vault Troops: Meh but OK.
  • Extra copies of War: please stop giving them to me

I don’t think I’m going to get a widespread event with high frequency for anything I want. If you do some really rough math, one can argue every Battlecrasher drop of 50 souls is worth a nickel to the devs. I’ve already seen 4 so I’ve almost stolen an entire quarter. If I assume 1,000 players have had luck like mine, the devs are already out $25, and it’s more likely hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of souls have left their wallets and are leaving more rapidly as we speak.

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The Vault Event? You mean where we can grind all weekend to get 25 Cedrics and zero other Vault troops because the loot table is broken? Yeah, just can’t wait for that…