Ban this user and fix the attack/defence bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

That the person who attacked me shows that they attacked. This person has attacked me twice this week 2 attacks within seconds of each other both with me winning. While having no attacks on their battle log and 100s of defence.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Only happens because Marl attacked me somehow without counting it as a attack and thus they are using the defence bug.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!


The community doesn’t like callouts – you should edit the player’s user name from your post. That said, you can send this information directly to the support team using the link @Ozball seems to keep taped to his monitor. Nobody likes cheaters, and it’s in the devs interest to stop them if there’s proof of cheating.


lol good for the community, if your a proven cheating asshole you get called out end of. If THEY are upset about it dont cheat.

If I was stating baseless facts that could be taken in a different way other than cheating like people stating people are cheating to rank high on the leaderboard you would have a point as that cant be proven. This is hardcore proof and they have no protection.

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Regardless whether they are good or bad callouts are against forum rules.

Tickets can be submitted here:


This isnt having a problem with a person directly this isnt personal the wording of that “rule” is very weak and looks more about causing personal related problems. This is reporting that the person is exploiting a bug and simply stating their name as part of what the thread asks me to detail about my problem.

If you are trying to tell me to submit a ticket you are effectively telling me that this forum has no use and should be removed and simply changed into a button that links directly to the ticket system.

This is my prefered method of contacting support it says “Support PC/Mobile” I expect the same support as any other method. If its redundant and tickets are only viable way to contact support correctly then this is a waste of time.


I have already submitted a ticket about this person

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If they wasnt doing anything wrong, they wouldnt be called out. Just saying

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I understand the reason for not having callouts on the forum.

However, there needs to be protocol for how EvilPixels is trying to make a report.

In the future, how does one go about trying to notify around these types of discoveries? Should he have covered the person in his video and faded out the name/white it out? I suppose if you wanted to know the player you could PM the OP.

If you catch me cheating or using an exploit close to cheating, feel free to call me out.

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On the one hand I understand that calling names out is against the rules…
… But how do you expect admins to know who was the cheater without the OP mentioning his/her name?

Just stating there was a case of cheating doesn’t help. We all know there is a way to cheat. Developers even successfully solved quite a few cases. This thread wanted to point at a specific person to help Developers investigate the issue. Without stating a name, that would be impossible.
If anything, this may only fall into a category of wrong place to post. Because this concerns admins only. Not the community. But if we are talking about calling out - there is no way OP could point the issue out without doing so.

@Ozball already clearly stated how to do this, submit a ticket. He even provided a link. Breaking a rule to report somebody you suspect of breaking a rule makes you no better than them. Rather, you are demonstrating that doing what you want even when you know it’s explicitly forbidden is ok, so your behaviour is then counter-productive.

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The discussion has nothing to do with calling out or not, then. It’s about the wrong place to post. The intention is to ban a cheater. And you need a name for that.

Basically you answered yourself with your second quote ;). I think the devs don’t want cheaters called out in public, and would rather you submit a ticket to them through the support site, where you are allowed to post names and details etc.

My understanding is, as I mentioned above, the devs would prefer the report through the ticket system where it is a private communication between the devs and the reporter. While the forum does have a bug report section it is also a public community, and my assumption is they don’t want to risk the possibility of people smearing other people with false reports. I’m not suggesting this one is, just that this is the internet, and if callouts were allowed, someone at some point would use it as a method to unfairly attack another player

It also mentions “something or someone” and I’m guessing it would be viewed as you having a problem with something they are doing rather than the person in general.

The forums as a whole also function as a community center for players to gather and discuss the game. The Support section allows players to submit non-critical bugs and issues that can help prevent the ticket system from getting overloaded.

I believe the issue is that this is considered a critical and sensitive matter (As it involves cheating and a specific player), and as such the devs would prefer it be done in private through the ticket system.

At the end of the day, I don’t write the rules, I don’t even enforce them. I’m not a dev. I’m just trying to help so that the information reaches the devs as efficiently and as effectively as possible.


Just a question… Couldn’t it be that that particular player has become inactive or even quit the game and that there is a bug?
There seem to be several problems that cause those defense victories. I have seen recently again someone bragging in global about what he had gained thanks to the exploit of that glitch, but this case seems quite different.

But when you spend weeks submitting tickets and PMing the devs, and nothing is done, and the devs even recognize that cheating is not their priority at all, which is quite understandable with all the work that GW has occured, what can you do?

While I understand the frustration, I don’t think posting these kind of threads on specific people is the solution. Specific ones about the defense bug sure, (though without player names involved) but as @Saltypatra and @Sirrian mention in the other thread this came up in, there is proof only they can find (I’m guessing exploiting might be different to botting for example, and might carry different penalties), and they are actually putting out fixes against cheating constantly, but don’t generally share that information to try and avoid helping the cheaters out.

Sources (more for others’ reference, since you were in the other thread and you’ve seen them before :wink: )


I am not saying it is the solution. Calling out is not a solution and can lead to some unfair situations. And it does even seem not to attract the interest of the devs anymore, which is the only use I can see to it.

But unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any solution.
Cheaters don’t get banned. Maybe there are not even investigated at all by lack of time.
And although people having been submitting tickets for months and in spite of the threads that have been locked and deleted on the forum, the defense victories glitch is still exploited.