Badger to the Bone

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New Invasion Troop: Doe Stoneshatter Doe Stoneshatter will be available in the Invasion Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Ultra-Rare Troop: Badgerkin The Badgerkin will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in…


Looks surprisingly playable outside of King Silenus basically doing almost nothing here. The fact that Blue and Yellow would be unblocked on the player team would have made The Silent One make perfect sense as a last slot over King Silenus (even if Elwyn would be immune, shutting down 3 of the other teams troops is still good).


Thank God they changed these horrible, no good, very bad trials of absolute nonsense. I hate caprinicus because of the battles that took over 30 minutes of casting him over and over again while whittling the magic and attack down of the enemy team.

I remember leaving auto-play on when it was relatively safe and was able to take a shower and get dinner ready.

When I got back, they were still fighting…:rofl:


Previous Pan’s Vale trial teams – player:

  • The Burrow Warden (steals Attack → Life)
  • Sileni Guard (steals Attack → Armor, full team Barrier)
  • Caprinicus (steals Attack → Magic, DPS)
  • Satyr (Stealthy, steals Armor → Magic)

cpu team:

  • Sylvasi (steals your Attack + feeds Faunessa)
  • Faunessa (healer + DPS)
  • Elwyn (DPS)
  • The Silent One

Notably, neither Sylvasi nor Faunessa could target your Satyr making it the only team member you could rely on for Skull damage over time. Elwyn would occasionally strike the 1st Troop through Barrier due to destroying Gems (which may include Skulls). Faunessa’s DPS eventually disappears as Sylvasi saps everybody’s Attack to zero, but you couldn’t make ANY progress until Caprinicus gained enough Magic to outcast her healing and that’s why these battles required an, ahem, epic amount of time to win.

I remember speculating that King Silenus might be a good DPS troop – it admittedly scales slower than Caprinicus (+1-3 vs. +4 Magic per cast) but makes up for it with Burn DOT (minor, yes, but DOT is DOT and Epic Trials provide plenty of time for it to add up) and more importantly would debuff Faunessa’s healing ability (so in a best case scenario: +3 DPS and -1 enemy healing per cast with Silenus, vs. +4 DPS per cast with Caprinicus), so I speculated that over the length of the battle it would actually even out.

Satyr Hunter is a GREAT addition to the team because (1) Eagle Eye trait, and (2) it finally gives you something to reverse Sylvasi’s debuffs (albeit by giving him more Attack to steal, but Sileni Guard provides Barriers for days). Nax is also good for the +4 Magic and massive (albeit random) stat buff to an ally of your choice.

Nymph will be an annoyance with that Entangle and Armor debuff but it doesn’t alter the board or do damage, it at least won’t kill (and fun fact: Sylvasi can’t steal Attack from Entangled troops). Pox Hare provides some enemy DPS (+Disease) but Nax can help alleviate that. The Burrow Warden provides Life but only by stealing Attack and only to herself, so that alone looks to reduce total battle time considerably.


Faunessa’s constant life gain and Sylvasi’s attack steal were the main culprits for making these epic trials take so long. Plus, you had to be careful when the Silent One died because a level 250+ ancient horror could suddenly appear and get some lucky skull hits.

Satyr hunter will probably be the real MVP because you will be able to protect your team with barrier and gradually buff your troops up to eventually win with skulls and King Silenus casts.

Most of us have probably beaten these trials already, but new players can learn some good basics on how to construct a team from Pan’s vale without the wild king or queen. If only the devs could put more time into other areas of the game that need improvement…

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Neither team has Sylvasi, so I have no idea what you’re referring to at this point.

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Just fighting an epic trial now (spotted I had only done up to 9, so wanted to do 10 before the new week), and my team is Sileni Guard, Satyr Hunter, King Silenus, and Nax, but the enemy team is Sylvasi, Faunessa, Elwyn and The Silent One. Seems like my team has updated but the enemy one hasn’t. I assume this will be changed before the weekly reset, but thought I’d mention it, in case there’s an issue.


Yeah, unfortunately a bit more confusion from my side because yesterday (Sunday) when I inspected the Pan’s Vale Trials (Tier IX) the player’s team was already updated, but the enemy team was not. (Which has since been resolved.) I took a screenshot for proof.

…also, just WHAT is that first trait on the new Siegebreaker?!

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