[Reported] Doe Stoneshatter's first trait CANNOT be correct

The new Siegebreaker Troop, “Doe Stoneshatter”, has these traits listed on her card:

  • Wild Cunning
  • Arcane
  • Siegebreaker
official screenshot

Problem: That 1st trait is otherwise exclusive to The Wild King, a base Mythic Troop. Final traits like this tend to be WAY too powerful to be given to lesser Troops like any standard trait (and Doe here already gets Arcane).

Was this a typo in the troop’s configuration or what? Maybe they were trying to assign something like “Wildfolk Bond” instead?


You’re absolutely correct, it’s meant to be Wildfolk Bond!

We’re fixing that now.


perhaps a correction would be appropriate after the event?


Wow, that was quick!

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Of course it was quick. Can’t have something that benefits the players and helps them.
If someone is that irked that they want to penalise everyone else just wait till the event is done.


I find it a bit funny.

Wild Cunning is the kind of trait that only helps new players and not late game players.

The same new players that could benefit from magic gain since their matches are going to take longer.

The same new players that also probably couldn’t get The Wild King.
The same new players that also probably can’t get the 3rd trait for The Wild King while it would still benefit them.

The difference in price between trait 1 and a trait 3 is pretty significant.

Nah, can’t let new players have anything actually useful to use.


Meanwhile, I’m sitting here thinking The Wild King could use a better 3rd trait that suits the spell it has. Groevanga’s new 3rd trait shows signs that great ideas can still happen if the team chooses to do so.


Wow a good Samaritan and prompt dev response to fix something that has no impact on the game play and would be potentially beneficial to new players. I have to give both parties a round of applause. Bravo guys!


Har har. Say what you will, but a bug is a bug even if it’s “good”.

And yes it has impact on gameplay – or at least game balance, in terms of teambuilding. It devalues The Wild King (slightly), it devalues the other Siegebreaker; it’s simply WAY too good of a trait to put on a lower-tier Troop. If you want to argue that the trait as launched was beneficial even for the publisher (in the sense of encouraging Gem/money spending on more copies of the same troop) then fine, maybe fixing it IS a negative for both sides. Again, a bug is a bug.

(Also, a blanket refusal to acknowledge a long-term harm hidden under the immediate benefit is something of a pet peeve for me.)


There’s nothing wrong with raising every bug.

I just think me and everyone else finds it disgusting how every time a bug benefits a player even in the smallest way.
It’s the quickest fix available.

But any bug that harms a player it’s, IV messaged the Devs il message again to try and hurry them up zzzzzzzzzzz
6 months later, re do bug report.

It’s a bit disgusting to be brutally honest, how paying customers are treated.


The fix was fast because it was a server fix that didn’t require any code changes.
Similarly there was a CLIFFY error being reported yesterday that prevented Deep Delves in Fang Moor that got worked on at the same time because it was also a server fix.

We try to get bug fixes out as quickly as possible - the simpler the issue is and if it’s a server fix the faster we can deploy the fix.

The more complicated, the more people and time are involved and if the fix needs to go through a full QA process and submission approval process in the stores then that can take a long long time.

It’s less about what we want to fix and more about how streamlined certain bugs are to fix compared to others. If we could fix what we wanted instantly Guild Wars wouldn’t be suspended right now for example.

The changes we’ve been talking about for PVP re: all the PVP feedback we’ve been receiving are client fixes so they have to wait until the next game update and go through all the store approvals before they can be released.

We’ve also held off on looking into the Stellarix/Wand of Stars/Elementalist balancing discussions despite those being things we can change as quickly as we want, because we know there’s a lot of players who wouldn’t be happy if we did that.

There are numerous examples on the forum of the team staying long into the night to fix things that are server fixes as well where the bug was hindering players.


Has this been fixed?


Just got CLIFFY-DG5F0XKE55 on the 7th battle (Dead Pirate’s Booty) of Fang Moor deep delve.

Xbox Series X.


Remember these balance issues are only being complained about because of issues in PVP only. Please don’t change troops/weapons based off of one mode only. They are perfectly fine in other events and modes like explore and underworld.


Well… I believe you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Seriously, I cringe every time I see “these bugs always get fixed fast and those bugs don’t, because ‘evil plot!’ to hurt players.” :roll_eyes:

One thing, though… When it is a bug like this, on an event troop that involves spending gems on something ‘advertised’ as ----------, maybe at least wait until the event closes? I mean, by all means announce the change as soon as you know what you intend to do. But ya. There are still going to be some people complaining (:troll: :woman_shrugging:) However, just waiting out the event would shut down a lot of the negativity. Anyway, just a suggestion.


I discovered a minor beneficial bug in PvP last week. Should I report it? I haven’t seen it on the forum, and it would be difficult to exploit.

I haven’t got Stella.

But you guys realise. People would of grinded extra time to save for more than one.

It would be seriously disgusting to change anything on a troop , just because of a few complaints.

You can’t give people there time back.

There’s no need to nerf anything ever, people can play different modes, and different restrictions.

How about add a village in PvP, call it easy village, or non mythic town.
Less marks, less points.
If there’s an easy to win section in PvP, most the complaints will stop.

I’ve never understood the strategy of rolling out releases at the end of the day instead of the beginning of the day. Your company controls when reset is and when events start.


Yeah, that’s a legitimate counter-argument. But it was better to fix it immediately before too many players spend gems on a Troop that was obviously misconfigured (and complain separately about the fix later, like with the Maze banner).

As for me, I spent 100 Gems for 1 copy now (for the double scoring bonus) but that’s just my typical spending limit for events anyway, and I was in disbelief after reading off her traits and realizing “wait a minute…”. I didn’t actually have the Gems on hand for a day 1 purchase (before the trait was fixed), as such I’m not adversely impacted by it.

A lot of us spend more than 100 gems on events. It would be nice to get what we bought. It’s not a HUGE deal for me, because my event buy-in was not based on troop traits. I just think from a gaming goodwill standpoint it would have been better to announce the bug and planned fix and wait until the event closed to implement it. That would have hurt no one and shut down the weird conspiracy theories people have about the devs being out to get us all. lol

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