At which rate of spending would it become cheaper to buy the company?

The game, let’s say, encourages players to spend money in regular intervals and noteworthy amounts. While most of us get through without sinking so far, one has to assume, that there are a couple of very heavy spenders around somewhere.
Where would be the tipping point of monthly expenses, where it becomes cheaper to simply buy 505 games and change the programming to be on top of every list ?

505 Games is owned by Digital Bros, which is worth just 500 million. You’d have to buy 505 Games from them. 505 Games itself is worth tens of millions. So if you couldn’t afford the 500 million for Digital Bros (you’d actually have to pay a lot more than that, since it’s market value is ~440 million), or afford to buy 505 Games from them, you could maybe buy Infinity Plus 2 from 505 Games. If you couldn’t afford that, you could try to buy just Gems of War from Infinity Plus 2.

  • Digital Bros
    – 505 Games
    — Infinity Plus Two
    ---- Gems of War

A couple million might do it for Gems of War, but maybe not, because they’re looking at long term value of it, how much can they earn from Gems of War over the next years. You need to pay MORE than that.

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