At what cost would you purchase Gems?

IMPORTANT! Please don’t mistake this thread as a “Dev’s, rethink the cost of Gems!” thread.

This is me merely being curious to see how much OTHERS feel is a comfortable price to merit spending their money on them. I’d like to see if I’m possibly under-appreciating or over-appreciating the cost, and it’s also kind of cool to look at my Gem stash and think, “WOW, I have $___ worth of gems!”

Also, please note that I’m using $1 as the base because that’s what I’m most familiar with, so forgive me if those are odd prices for other currencies.

  • I am comfortable purchasing them at their current price.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 50 gems.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 100 gems.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 200 gems.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 300 gems.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 400 gems.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 500 gems.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 750 gems.
  • I’d spend $1, £0.78, €0.87, C$1.30 per 1000 gems.
  • I don’t intend to buy gems no matter how cheap.
  • I don’t see a price I feel comfortable with.

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I chose comfortable at current price because i have bought them in the past. And will most likely in the future. I do think they are overpriced though.

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Yeah, that’s my basis for forming this thread. I have no intention of discussion whether or not the Dev’s should decrease or raise the price of items on their market, but I DO want to hear what others think about the prices. That’s all. Thank you for your input! :grinning:

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I have 41,197 gems. So I just buy the weekly weapons that I don’t own.


So your profile pic is extremely fitting!


I wouldn’t buy gems at all because gems can be gotten for free in the game. I don’t just mean tribute, but also treasure hunt. Don’t get me wrong, I have spent a lot of money on the game, but I’ve spent it on stuff I cannot get in unlimited quantities in the game whenever I please (meaning soulforge packs for diamonds mainly).
I would purchase stuff like Vault Keys or Orbs over gems every single second of the day.


Bounty mode is the clearest “gems —> keys/orbs” option this game has. It’s why I always buy enough tiers to get to reward 20. Some day, I might even get a Major Orb of Ascension!


Given how the business model has turned into “cut them so we can sell them” I wouldn’t spend money on them unless it was something ridiculous like 500 gems for 5p.


Yeah that’s true, but the thing is: I don’t just have to spend money to get the orbs, I would also have to play the game mode. And I’d rather skip petting a bunny than play any of the sigil game modes tbh. They’d need to pay me instead of taking my gems before I would even consider doing that.


At present, they’re ridiculously overpriced.
Games like this are designed to hook the whales who will just blow money without giving it a second thought.
Thus, the prices will never change.
Certain things are okay to buy in my opinion and I say this as someone who is VIP 5 and has bought things.

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I selected a price I’d consider reasonable but due to the last year or so of history I’m not sure I’d ever buy Gems. I don’t forgive easily. I’m VIP 6 and have spent a total of $5 over the last year, and have no plans to spend more.


I personally thing a main question when purchasing something (unless you are a millionaire) is: “What do I need to do to get this thing otherwise?”

This is why a lot of people are investing into Deathknight armor. Some also buy the avatar looks. These items cannot be gotten by any other means in the game, so the decision to spend money on them is much easier since I’m getting exclusive content.

If it needs a lot to get an item without money, it is also a desireable purchase. Examples of that are the Sunday soulforge pack (lots of diamonds) or, to some, the pack where you get a mythic at the end of it, even if it’s a random mythic. But for me, who was over level 1000 before getting my first mythic, this was a huge incentive.

Things that are not desireable purchases are where things that you can more easily get cost a lot of money. That’s the case for the weekly troop pack (50 bucks for a legendary and some keys?!) and also pure currencies (gems, in conversion in the shop then gold and souls).

The new troops and weapons (tier shop) might be worth it to some; to me only maybe the weapon would be worth it since the troops will be in the chests sooner or later. However, to make full use of spending money (if I would need to spend it on gems to purchase tier things), you would also have to actually play the event and not just does that take a long time, but it’s also hardly a guaranteed thing, depending on what troops you have available and how far you are in the game.
Generally, spending money on games is for bypassing long times of grinding or having to hope for luck. In case of sigils, you basically spend gems/money to be allowed to grind for random orbs. I don’t want to buy the permission to do a chore. To others, who enjoy these game modes, they purchase the entry tickets to be allowed to enter it. That’s totally different then. But because no one knows just how much a (newer, non-endgame) player needs to fully clear sigil events, I find it difficult to say that event X is a good gem-to-orb converter or to price orbs in general.

I personally would buy orbs from the shop because I would get an item which would otherwise need me to grind an unpleasant game mode. I do not buy sigils because they would “force” me to play that game mode (or have essentially wasted my money).

Overall, I feel GoW is odd with its shop. It offers a few good deals like the exclusive content or the pack with a few gems every day. And then there’s horribly overpriced stuff that can be gotten in a few minutes ingame, even for newer players. The stuff that people would likely spend money on, though, because it’s hard to get otherwise, is only available in limited quantities (soulforge bundles can only be bought once a day) or not at all (orbs).
So yeah, I just find the whole shop thing super-odd in GoW and not very thought out. I feel like the devs could make way more money. Quite frankly, I’ve rarely seen such bad buying “incentives” in any game before for 90% of a premium currency shop. :confused:


I always buy the fifteen day gem pack for $4.99, that helps a lot.

@Sheba makes some very good points that I find myself agreeing with.

@Zeddicus2017, I often contemplate that offer, because it does work out as being possibly the best option. Even though it does take slightly longer. I haven’t done it yet because the Gems I make so far are not making it a necessity.

Having said that, I did blow 2K Gems that I had saved on getting Magmapillar to Level 19… Such a silly idea

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I don’t know how to answer because as I get further into the game gems are worth less to me. The only thing I spend them on now is shop tiers, but I need like, +500 for that to make a difference.

But what I do feel is something I’ve said over and over: the game needs more interesting purchases in the $1 to $5 range. That’s what I’m comfortable spending in one go, and in previous games I spent this weekly.

As-is, for $5, I can get 225 gems, but I have to wait 15 days to get them and that’s about half what I need. So I can’t spend $5 weekly. With bonuses I can get 63 gems directly, but when I do the math on that like Sheba pointed out, it turns out 63 gems doesn’t feel exciting either.

It turns out diamonds are the thing I spend $5 on. The Sunday diamond bundle is exceptionally good. When I am spending money, that’s what I spend money on. But alas, I’m at a point where I don’t even know what mythic I want to craft next, so it hasn’t been tempting.

Which is why I want more avatars. $10 for a horse person? Sold. Release a $10 unicorn person next month? Sold. Sure, they’re cosmetic, but everyone’s got some spirit animal/hairdo/facial expression that’ll pry some dollars out of their wallet.

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You reflect my opinions like a mirror! Thank you for taking the time to express all of that.

I look at sigil events, were I to actually spend gems on them, as a transaction to acquire the NON-sigil items, because I too can’t stand doing any (and I repeat) ANY of the events aside from Guild Wars. I’ve found myself even dreading the barrage of pet events I receive from being in a top guild.

On another note, I’m VIP 3, and I’m struggling to find things that I actually don’t mind spending more money on to unlock VIP Chest access. I’m actually WISHING I could spend money on this great game, but there’s nothing catching my eye. I know others have their reasons for purchasing the things the do (like deathknight armor), but I’ve bought everything I’m comfortable spending money on.

Again, I’m not debating whether or not the Devs should alter their prices or adjust them in any way, I’d just like to see something I don’t mind paying for.

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I agree. I have NEVER been a fan of large purchases. You should have seen me staring at my shopping cart with my finger on the confirm purchase button for 2 hours when I finally decided to buy my PSVR, and the same thing with my Drawing Tablet.

I’m an EXTREME fan of smaller, more exciting purchases. I could very much see myself spending $1 a week, and even $5 a week is something I could consider. I’d most likely spend $1 a week, and stagger my $5 purchases. But, as someone who relates to a human version of Mr. Krabs, it’s hard to see large amounts of cash disappear from my bank account all at once.

Same concept as buying a $1 cheeseburger or $5 meal every day for lunch, as opposed to, say, eating out at a special restaurant once or twice a week where you’d spend $20 to $30.

You know… I look at it this way, could you live on 1$ a week, or even 5$ a week? Now imagine running a company, creating new content, paying employees, and such… Could you run a business on five or six bucks a week? Support the game, or don’t support the game, but do remember this is a game with real people working for a living developing it, updating it, and keeping it evolving.

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Which is why I’ve said in almost all my replies, I’ll not speak about the Devs adjusting their prices.

In fact, I said all I want them to do is add MORE things - more variety; lower cost, lower yield goods - for me to support them by purchasing their products.

They have every right, and SHOULD exercise those rights, to charge to their liking whatever they wish for their available products and services. But capitalism/free-market is a two way street.

At the end of the day, I have no right to tell a hotdog vendor to lower their prices simply because I desire to pay a lower price, but I CAN walk away, and now there’s no flow of cash into his/her pockets.

It’s really a waste of time defending a party not being attacked in any way. I love this game, I love the Devs. I want to support them. But, with the current available products, I just can’t.


Like I said, support the game or don’t support the game, doesn’t change that the people developing the game have to earn a living, like everyone else… I love the idea of expanding the shop, and adding real stuff like shirts, and gifting to the game. I buy little things all the time to support the game, I play it enough that it saves me a lot of money not buying every new game that looks cool coming out on Steam or PS4.

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