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Ascend Troop "Multiple Copies on Teams" checking the wrong thing

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam/Windows 7

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected the pictured warning to only occur if I had multiple copies of the troop on the same team (since this is the only case where they should actually be removed from teams), and to check the highest amount on any team. Instead, it appears to check all copies on all teams to give this warning.

If the warning checked the correct thing (highest number troops used on any one team across all teams), the above pictured screenshot should be impossible (about to use 5, have 10, max 4 on team, still have at least one “extra” plus the one you don’t use to ascend).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Completely repeatable as of right now with any troop that meets the criteria. No idea how long it has been happening.

Steps to make it happen again
Have enough copies of a troop to ascend, but only by a few. (Eg., need 5 copies, have 10 extra)
Place the troop in question in enough teams such that the number of troops in all teams would bring you below the threshold to ascend (eg., need 5 copies, have 10 “extra”/11 total, and place the troop in teams a total of 7 or more times across any number of teams).
Receive warning above.

Fairly innocuous bug by itself, since the warning is only a precaution and you don’t have any teams altered if they don’t meet the actual threshold for removal. However, I figured this was worth documenting due to this bug, which may be tangentially related: [Reported] Ascend all using troops in teams

For example, it may be possible that “ascend all” is using an inverted check for eligibility, ie., it might be checking only troops on different teams to determine if they should be used or not, then using them to ascend even if multiples are on the same team (just off the top of my head, having this inaccurate check floating around could interact in multiple other ways that could cause that bug).