As usual working as intended prolly

Even so, someone can explain to me what happened there?


I assume you mean summoning Giant Spiders? Life & Death Hero Weapon with Orbweaver class I assume, x % chance to summon a Giant Spider when taking damage. I have never ‘retreated’ from as many matches as I have recently, when this gets going the match can literally last for ever at stalemate.

My bet would be on the last part, where the hero at 9 health somehow spawns 3 spiders instead of dying to the skull cascade.


Around 0:40, the enemy Orbweaver hero with 9 Health remaining summons 3 Giant Spiders after an Ishbaala cast (with several separate skull hits, which I think is what caused it), taking no damage in the process (with the front spider taking all of it).

Made me lol and is pretty bonkers.