[FIXED?] AI Orbweaver hero summoned a Giant Spider without taking damage

Xbox One:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting the trait to work as written. A chance to spawn when the hero takes damage.

The spider spawned without the enemy hero taking damage.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Maybe more than I expect? Its not something that’s easy to setup to do 0 damage, but the enemy hero taking damage prematurely to triggers COULD happen often.

Steps to make it happen again
Setting up the situation to do 0 damage is very difficult. Setting up a situation where a spider dies with an explosion afterwards would only take a hero class with Lightning strike/Tidecaller 3rd trait/The Possessed King/Luna with a skull conversion to kill the spider.

Other notes:

“Explode: Destroys a gem and all 8 gems around it. Skulls deal 1 damage, but only 50% of mana is generated.”

If I exploded a skull, it should have done 1 damage.

Everything in Gems of War rounds down. So even if I did 99% of 1 damage, it should have rounded down to 0. But the trait still triggered even with that 0, meaning it triggered from less than 1 damage? Most likely case should have been a skull exploding, but that should have caused 1 damage.

So… what happened?

Reminds me of:

Which prompted this to get added to Known Issues (not sure if still there or not):

Also reminds me of:

And other instances of Doomskull damage passing through the front troop (very common, can probably set up a video to demonstrate if necessary, and probably have a few already saved from a while ago).

I actually think this (more summons than are warranted, or when not warranted) happens with the Orbweaver hero more than gets posted about, it’s just so often tied in with other stuff happening on the board that it’s hard to pin down. I’d really like more resolution on this and the Doomskull damage issue.


Qilin’s cast killed the prevailing spider. Does the doomskull explode count after the skull damage is calculated? That might mean, it hit the hero which prompted the summon.

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I mean, that would be nice, as that’d make sense… but then where’s the damage tied to the doomskull?


It’s bugged.
The trait is triggering from deaths as well now.
Had two summon at the same time earlier from one cast.
The cast killed a giant spider and did damage to the hero. Damage was only done once but two Giant Spiders were summoned.

That’s a good point. The Crashing Wave trait on the Tidecaller kicked in at the moment of killing of the existing spider. A blue gem near a skull could’ve exploded as well but may have only counted as half of a 1 skull damage (0.5). This may not reduce the hp stat of the opponent hero (we know how 0.5 is rounded in the game), but could have triggered the trait Familiar of Orbweaver. A theory, of course.

As for @awryan 's observation, trigeering of that trait upon a death is much worse. While I am sure there could be an explanation, I might wanna take a look at the screen grab of that instance.

Exploded skulls really do just count as 1 damage each, though, per the tool-tip (with no ‘rounding’ or 50%, etc.).

I have no idea why the Orbweaver hero can summon without taking damage, but I’m fairly sure about exploded skulls in any other, normal situation.

Issue still ongoing. As that happened last Guild Wars, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see it again magically.

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It seems it is also triggered on death of an ally somehow. Maybe, there is some trait somewhere or IDK. IMHO, simply some sort of a glitch, not 100% repeatable, apparently depends on traits or something hidden that I am unable to see. Today in guild wars, the enemy orbweaver summoned 3(!) spiders without taking damage after a card on top of it was killed by skulls. I’m 99% positive that the hero did not take any damage from these skulls and the spiders just magically appeared.

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I’ve passed this one. Thanks for reporting it.

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Did this include (several) Doomskulls?

No D-skulls, iirc.

I’m wondering if there’s another bug with Orbweaver.

I’ve noticed that if you are entangled by root trap, and you damage the hero, that the summoned web from a spider summons effects the entangle if it lands on your top troop.

As web reapplies on the entangled troop, entangle immunity seems to reapply again, so the first troop is being webbed and entangle is reset each time it occurs.

I’ve been regularly getting my front troop entangled for 10 or so turns. In fact it’s been rare for it to even to break the entangle period.

Will run a few more streamlined tests, rather than in game observations when chance, but wonder if anyone else has seen this?

@xolid99 This is actually a known thing, and part of the reason I really like Obsidius:

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Thanks for that @Jonathan.

Another annoying side effect!

Yeah Obsidius is cool, not ideal for L&D once it’s blessed, but before…

As a bit of experimentation, I’ve been using Enraged Kurandara and Basilisk vs L&D and that’s sorting it out a fair bit. :slight_smile:

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What a surprise! /sarcasm

Once again, its time for Guild Wars
Once again, it happens on the same color day too

If that wasn’t enough, now I have on video 3! times where the hero summoned a spider without taking damage in 1 minute.

When the enemy hero has 34 armor/ 214 life…

Watch as he summons a spider after King Avelorn dies.
Watch as he summons a spider after the first Giant Spider dies.

and for good measure

When the enemy has 96 life…

Watch as he summons a spider after killing a Giant Spider.

Guess I’ll be back here in 4 weeks with more spiders.

(For the record, I have no problems with L&D/Orbweaver. This is a bug and that naturally annoys me and this might solve other people’s problem of L&D Spiders…)


I think ive got this

It has to do with the order of board resolution (skull match first then gem explosion due to hero’s trait) and the visual bug where damage isnt updated correctly.

The first 2 summons, you kill the top troops by skull matches then the blue gem explosion deals 2 damage each time to their hero which triggers his summon trait. However, the damage is only updated correctly after you kill the 2nd summon. At 0:25, you can see -2 to his armor but his actual armor goes down by 6.

Same thing with the last summon. His actual health is 92 after the summon without the visual bug.

In other words, i think the trait is working correctly. But the visual bug makes it look like the hero is summoning without taking damage

So there is damage being applied, but it isn’t shown until later in the match? That explains several strange things I’ve seen, where a troop just poofs out of existence at the start of the AI’s turn.

Yes. I believe you can reproduce what you describe by matching doomskulls against an agile troop. They can dodge the skull match but still take damage from doomskulls, but no damage is shown. If their hp is low enough to die from the doomskulls, they will go poof at the beginning of their turn. If they survive, the damage isnt updated until they take another hit


Its definitely a possibility. When it comes up again, I’ll keep a closer eye on that.