As suspected turning off combo breaker was a terrible idea

Why in this world would anyone think this was a GOOD idea is beyond me. Why force us to play on a setting that we do not want to use? Shouldn’t it be up to us to decide which difficulty setting that we want to play on? We played with the combo breaker on for a reason, and to take that feature away from us is just wrong on several different levels to me. It’s not my idea of fun to face Goblins that get cascade after cascade of matches fall one right after another. I know that it was said “The more you progress to rank one, the more the combo breaker will get turned off.” So what are we supposed to do then? Stop advancing for the week?


I don’t quite understand the frustration with this. I have kept difficulty on hard+ forever without noticing much change in difficulty. There are even counters to it now like freeze.


The frustration is simple. As you stated you have played on hard forever. But others have not. So in essence it hasn’t affected you. But for the ones of us that have played on normal it has. Everybody has a different opinion and outlook on things but to take away the ability for us to play on our desired difficulty and to then play on what they want us to play on isn’t right.


Congratulations. It’s not a problem FOR YOU. That’s why you selected the option that you prefer.

It IS a problem for me, lesser being that I am. And now, because I’m not a great player, the avenues for progression have been severely throttled.


Combo breaker doesn’t increase stats though, so there is no direct difficulty increase. All it does is change the dynamics of the board. Board control troops can easily compensate for no combo breaker. The freeze effect was also added that would nearly nullify the lack of combo breaker.

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As we move to a PvP ladder in 2.0, we DO need to have combo-breaker gradually turn off (as players progress ranks). Otherwise people are competing unevenly on the ladder. Keep in mind that turning off the combo-breaker is only allowing the AI to get the same lucky drops that you already have!


I could had said the same as you, Tacet. But this is not about us, and what we like. It is about the majority of players - the average and the newcomers, maybe the ones that doesnt have the most time to play. I think if we want the new players to stay here, we will need to take it back to normal, it will be too overwhelming for new players to enter the PVP event. I also loved to play it on Hard/Warlord1 sometimes without the combo breaker, but without the normal difficulty it gonna blow the majority, most aint in this board.

I think most new players won’t even notice this until they’re hitting level 50-100. New players mostly stick around in the challenges & quests, where the combo-breaker is active until they change the difficulty at L50

Is there any way to maybe opt out of the ladder? I don’t care about the ladder. I am happy to be last forever. I just want to enjoy playing the game.


So why couldn’t there be separate classes? One for hard difficulty and one for normal. Why does everything need to be lumped in together?

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Yes! We’re going to investigate a solution for that for 2.0!


You could make “Normal” mode not get trophies (or pvp points) when rank 1?

So right now there’s no ladder, but we need to play with the combo breaker off because eventually there will be, until it actually happens and we get to put the combo breaker on again?

I got my PVP rank up to 1 yesterday and it wasn’t so bad. Losing a game just means… playing another game to make up for the loss, but since playing games is fun & the whole point, that’s cool. Getting to 6 or 7 arena matches and losing is painful.

I just spent 10 minutes defeating a Gloomleaf/Goblin team that would have take 1 1/2 minutes in 1.08. The point isn’t whether I won, the point is it was flipping boring to the point I didn’t care if I won or not. WATCHING THE AI PLAY FOR THAT LONG IS NOT FUN! Have you devs forgotten that you had to invent that “clever little piece of coding” (your words, @Sirrian) for a reason?

The reasoning and logic behind turning the code breaker off is specious at best and just plain stupid at worst. Give us back our choice!


I see this is starting to become a pro choice vs pros thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I knew that there would be two sides to this fence. But there has to be a way to meet a happy medium someway.
From the posts made on this thread there are several on both sides of it, so it is an issue.

Wasn’t it reverted to pre update when it was found difficulty was still affecting Pvp/arena? So isn’t combo breaker always on, when on Normal right now?

I been playing a lot of arena on normal, but can’t tell if combo breaker is off or on at 6-7 wins.

Uff finally made it trough the lame wall.

Why dont you add a hearthstone-ish system for GOW? You can create a place were casuals can go to fight there but don’t get a ladder, of course, no trophies or less gold. (I would like both) the perks of it would be to fight on the difficulty they choose and with or without combo-breaker, perhabs being also matched against people who recently play on the very same difficulty. And then you can have the ranked ladder that you guys are introducing, with trophy rewards and the avarage gold rewards of now…

I think that would be a good system, I mean… Blizzard uses it. xD


Before the update i was playing some battles/challenges at Warlord II to increase the resources farm, i was at level 48 and just hit level 50 now and become able to play at Hard Mode. In both cases the A.I has no combo breaker and sometimes it’s a little… upseting… to watch it get turns over and over, but you still can win and induce the A.I to do a dumb move, so it’s ok to me.
For PVP, more like PVA.I, this change is intended to give everyone a fair share of challenge as you climb up to rank one. Come on, let’s face it, you can change your enemy for only 10 gold and even scout on his troops fo 50… It’s not a lot and it gives you juicy intel on how to play. I understand that some people want to play in a more casual style, and you guys can do that on the quests/challenges while gathering some resources/cards. As a personal train if you hit level 50 you can turn on the Hard Mode and start to practice how to face better/stronger enemies.

The AI’s combo breaker has been turned off on the Consoles for every Mode for 10 days now and we have adjusted. I was so pissed when it happened that I made a damn thread about it as well.

Adapt and evolve your strategies is my advice. Right now, a mixture of board control and Skull spamming works for me, haven’t lost a PvP match all day after I found a Team that utilizes this strategy.