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As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

I know both you and @MagiBelgr will both disagree and hate me for saying this, but im glad they are rare. Their rarity means you can’t fly that far past a player like myself. Same reason I have no issue with the mythic drop rate. Time gating is equal for all player thus leveling the playing field in my opinion. If imperial deeds dropped daily, you’d have extreme end gamers maxing kingdoms quickly and creating a larger gap between the haves and have not.

Just more evidence that gems is a game that can only really be played and not be completed, no matter how hard some try lol.

Im fine with being rare. I’m NOT fine with being random and unfair.


Community ninja here to say that it is a matter of RNG. I don’t believe that the liklihood of getting the Imperial Deed offer will change, and I’m sorry that this isn’t the news you want to hear.

It is rare and down to RNG, much like the way getting a Legendary or Mythic troop is.


Well since we are on the topic, it would be marvellous if we could actually have someone acknowledge that the devs are aware that at the current deed/writ drop rates it will take us decades to get kingdoms to level 20, and that this is indeed intended. Last time the question of how long it should take was fobbed off with „that will obviously vary depending on your account“.

And on the matter of RNG, if we end up with such skewed numbers (1 deed vs 10+) that do not even out over many months then there is quite obviously something wrong with RNG. But wait, i feel like this point has already been raised…

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Indeed: while the shortcomings in communication are well documented, despite pseudo-justifications brought forward by company representatives periodically (e.g. see absolute silence on the Pet Gnomes in Arena issue, until it was ‘miraculously’ fixed), if we look at historical patterns in the forum, we can all likely agree that it has been a generally less inflammatory channel for a couple of months now, than in the past couple of years.

Whether it is due to a reshuffling of staff duties so those with more adequate soft-skills are interacting in the forum, or the stonewalling approach ( Milk, Bones, & Muscles - A Sincere Letter to the Devs ) that many of us have become accustomed to in smaller selective bites by company representatives through the years, we can argue that being ignored is preferable over being lied to or patronized.

Far from optimal, no doubt, but likely preferable over the environment we had e.g. in July, when the company was ‘generously’ handling the Kurandara in chests issue.

Maybe what the forum needs is for somebody like Lyrian, Lyya, or Mithran to be conveying info to the players (meanwhile, company representatives can continue ‘reading and collating feedback’, as they allegedly currently do), while having the space to say “they won’t tell me that information” or “the information they gave me was inaccurate”: all parties would benefit if the communication shortcomings documented over the years could finally be resolved, instead of seeking new ways to dodge them.
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It’s not quite the same, there’s only a very low fixed number of attempts at an Imperial Deed each day. While this might seem like a minor detail it actually means the whole world to quite a few players.

One of the key factors in online games is progression, especially progression compared to other players you know. Kingdoms are a major part of that progression, the limiting factor currently being Imperial Deeds. Players would like to work towards progressing, which means earning Imperial Deeds. They can’t, because there’s no clear path, just three extra dice roll each day that have a very low chance to succeed. And if your dice happen to keep falling much more unfavorably than those of others players you tend to end up frustrated. Because no matter how much effort you spend, the game apparently just doesn’t want to treat you, personally, in a fair way.

I believe if you were to change offers from random to some fixed rotation or some same for everybody approach you’d get a lot of complaints off your back, while still not handing out more Imperial Deeds than you do now. Seems to have worked for the Adventure Board.

I’d also appreciate if the community ninjas would come out of hiding a little more often.


Community ninjas stopped coming out on a regular basis because a lot of the users here don’t know how to communicate like normal human beings and are always verbally attacking them.


I don’t condone personal attacks at all, however, maybe a little self reflection would go a long way. Criticism is not the same as an attack, and at least imho the ninjas are simply not doing a good job. Sometimes communication is about how you say things. Most of the time it is just about saying something fullstop. Keeping people informed. What we are seeing here is lovingly referred to as the mushroom policy. Feed em poo*, keep them in the dark.

*in Australia it’s something else but I have learnt on here that apparently some people find that term offensive


I know the developers deserve criticism sometimes but a lot of it here are just outright personal attacks with a huge swath of passive aggressive jabs sprinkled all over the place. I don’t blame the developers for only popping In once in a while.

It’s not about blame. Of course it’s understandable. I suppose the criticism here is that turning your back on communication is not the right way to handle the problem, and turning your back on the community at large because of what can only be a minority is not what we deserve either. Incidentally it goes both ways too. I have been mocked by Salty and was on the receiving end of jabs, so as suggested above, maybe how is the time to draw a line and start fresh.

Yeah maybe. All I’m saying is the devs do not deserve most of the crap that was thrown at them. If you have a problem with the game then the best way to show them is voting with your wallet. I seen people here go as far as calling them criminals that should be locked up. Hell, this very thread was created with the sole purpose of insinuating they were incompetent. The only good that came out of this thread is me knowing exactly who all the hypocrites are who claim to hate this game yet still play it religiously on a regular basis.

Ok so let’s have a look at this response for example.
What you have done here is tie a ribbon around „Guess you‘re unlucky! Suck it up. Psych!“

Let’s look at specifics:

„It’s a matter of RNG“ - that’s not helping. I know it’s a matter of RNG, that’s exactly my point. The complaints about RNG you get ALL THE TIME are basically that humans with feelings get very frustrated with some of these streaks. Yea it is mathematically entirely possible and (probably) neither rigged nor broken. But, you would get a lot of complaints off your back if you tweak your RNG to be less streaky. The „luck“ does not offset the feeling of disappointment.

„I don’t believe that the likelihood of getting IDs will change and I’m sorry if that’s not what you want to hear“ - please stop using the platitude of „I’m sorry“, you use it all the time and it adds nothing. A much more constructive approach would be to acknowledge the problem, and provide specifics, e.g. „the current rate of obtaining IDs is intentionally low at approximately one deed per month. I understand that you feel random offers are unfair and will table for the team to discuss whether there might be more equitable ways to obtain these in future. „

Just my two cents of what I would LIKE from someone who is meant to act as a go-between between me and my feelings (yes, this is all about the feelings of your players) and the devs.

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The way you want them to respond is exactly the way they used to respond. They don’t do it like that anymore because they got crapped on for it. What we have now is the result of the animosity that was shown to them when they responded the way you want them to.

Mate this is now the fourth time you have made exactly the same point. I get it, but it’s not my fault!


Yeah, sorry, bro. It sucks those other guys ruined it for you.

I think some may be wanting more of them flash offers for real money for those that cannot wait.

Don’t get too worked up on imperial deeds guys. There may be a few stat points difference now between the lucky and unlucky but pretty soon all endgamers will be sitting on the same stat points, that is, all kingdoms will be lv 15. We will all reach this point some sooner than others but not by too much. Even the unluckiest players will get all to 15 way way way before anyone gets any kingdom to 20.

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On the 5.3 day of Xmas … the usual QA Standard.

We got a Shriney new update, and while we could highlight how it has evolved the ‘pay to reduce grind’ philosophy into a ‘grind to pay to reduce grind’ ( New Shrines ); or feel the familiarity of how the single item in the ‘Bug Fixes’ section is being reported throughout the forums as a persistent bug ( [More info needed] TOD scrolls bug ; Game hangs on rewards screen after using a heroism scroll in ToD ); or even talk about how many people across platforms reported being unable to access the game at all, have to re-download all assets (déjà vu);

…or the positive confirmed buff to VIP keys, and the rumored (inexplicably not mentioned in the release notes, but increasingly supported by evidence) appearance of Power Orbs in Major Chaos Orbs,

…all of that is already being documented in the forum.

One thing worth noting (given the ongoing conversation about GoW Communications) is how we continue to see a less inflamed reaction from the forum when compared to $imilarly-oriented updates, and this has been the case for a couple of months+ now: while it may be coincidental, this appears to correlate with the Mods’ shift in communication prose (and number of Mods interacting with the community), whereas they opted to prioritize silence over the alternative patronizing/dismissing that we have observed in the past (yes, the Pet Gnomes in Arena thing is still the freshest example :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Why is this worth highlighting? Because it adequately illustrates a point brought forward on several occasions but dismissed by Mods: the Messenger matters, because s/he determines how the Message is delivered.

And how the Message is delivered matters, especially when the Message is pretty much $et in $tone.

Regrettably (and despite the evidence), this continues to be refused by the Mods because ‘the communication would be the same’:

…and that may mean that those of us who have become accustomed with GoW’s QA (and set the expectation bar accordingly to avoid disappointment), may now want to start looking into embracing the current communications status quo as the acceptable standard, given the historical alternatives…

…at least until some non-Mod authority sees the facts and the value of further improving Communications with Customers.
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Just another TGIF that meets the QA and professionalism standards documented throughout these forums: a key element for new players to et their expectation.
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