Armor switching does not change stats

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
It seems there is a similar bug when switching the Difficulty levels

When you switch from one Armor type to another isn’t always changing the stats

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Be wearing one of the armor selections (I am currently on Dragon Armor)

Go to Hero Area
Select Armor
Select Celestial Armor
Change armor
leave area
Review stats again

Still the same

Logging out and back in does not change it.

I have to change it to no armor, log out, log in, change it to the celestial armor to get it to stick.

Same happens in reverse.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

see the above :confused:


I can back you up. Seen this multiple times.

edit: Video uploading. I think it is possible that I’ve been denied countless resource boosts I should have been getting (possible, investigation req’d)

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I have experienced this as well. I was thinking it was just me.

Thank you for the video support! Sorry you’ve been screwed out of lots of stuff. I noticed it because I get different amount for my soul farming team verses my gold farming team.

You have to take off to no armor logout, login and then change to armor that changes stats. That’s what I have found how to work around the bug.

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Hold on now :laughing: we don’t know that. I shouldn’t have even said it… I was just thinking out loud.

What I do know is that if I follow your steps I get a different result than you. Not only that but if I repeat the steps, each time I get completely different results than the previous try. Sometimes the armor is on, sometimes off, sometimes the stats change othertimes not, doesn’t make an iota of sense to this boy.

I’m not really worried about missing out on anything. I’m pretty sure it’s all cool but I’ll ask and see what support says.

Well I know how much I was until I figured out the way I didn’t notice it until I was back farming and thought I had my soul farming and had plotted out how many battles I needed to get someone to 20th level.

When that didn’t happen I stopped - reviewed my math, looked at my stats - did another round and realized I was 54 souls off each game.

Hence why I know.

Now I just before doing anything make sure I am with the right stats and then start doing the soul farming or gold farming.

It’s all a conspiracy to get everyone to spend the $50 and buy Deathknight armor. No more switching. :innocent:

I had the same problem on Xbox One, with Deathknight Armor. Seems like my checking VIP Status on the Shop screen rectified the problem.

I’m guessing it is the same issue with the difficulty change not “sticking”, that for whatever reason various settings aren’t being saved when changed.

It’s more than that Rasper; I’ve seen the setting not change from right within the game. As in change Armor from the Hero UI, exit to the Map screen, go back to the Hero UI and the Armor has reverted.

If I didn’t say it: good catch Taisiakat, you crazy old cat lady :smile_cat:

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Thank you for helping support the claim with the video.

Same thing with difficulty. I change from Warlord IV to normal, change screens, change back, and difficulty is Warlord IV. That is what I meant by not being saved, you make the change in the UI but the actual in game variables aren’t updated.

I didn’t mean saved as in between logging off / in. Sorry for confusion.

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I’m going to delete the vid from my channel to keep clutter down. @Nimhain do you care? I’ll give this about 24h then I’ll trash it unless I hear back :slight_smile:

We are aware that some players are seeing issues where Armor switching is not working correctly. Sorry I missed this thread, as I thought it was one of the other threads with the same issue which I believe I’d commented in already.

We’ve found that many of the affected players play across both Steam and Mobile, so we’re looking into that to see if something isn’t saving out correctly.

Thanks - I appreciate and there is a workaround but you have to do a double step of remove all armor, log off, log on, then change to new armor, log off and log on.

Thanks god for the work around, this bug is driving me INSANE!!!

Btw Nimhain: Me and the wifey both play on PC and Mobile, if we change armor on mobile, it ALWAYS works.
On PC it’s a drama… You have to change it 10 to 20 times before it finally sticks (without knowing the work-a-round).

So I’m having this issue at the moment on Xbox One and I’ve been trying to get my stats back to how they were. I’ve been reading the responses here but how I change it to no armor? Someone please help, I payed $50 for the Death knight armor so I could get the extra benefits it gives and I’m not getting it. This is so aggravating because it’s been atleast 2 or 3days and I just now noticed I’m not getting my regular amour of exp and gold =/

  1. Why have you copied my Icon, background, and font exactly with the green S. :grin::wink::grin::wink:
  2. There are two locations to ‘change’ your armor. One is for display only (Appearance). The location to change your stats can be access via: Hero : Armor.
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I know how to change it but I don’t see an option for no armor. I have to pick one for ex, I have Phoenix, Sylvan, Assassin and Death knight armor. I don’t see an option for no armor. Thank you for replying