Armor swap bug?


No matter which arrow I click, it cycles my armor in the same direction.


Yep, noticed that too.


I don’t have your same problem, but there is some strange thing going on with mine too: whenever I change my dragon costume for the celestial, and then back to find the dragon one again, it seems to keep avoiding pulling up the dragon one.

Example: I go to change from dragon to celest, so I click the left clicker, I get the celest. But when I go back to try and get my dragon armor, I click right and the dragon is not there, nor is it one click to the left. I have to cycle through all of the armor and the dragon armor will always be the last one on the list. So strange.


I’ll pass this onto the guys on Monday (still the weekend here).


Update: I have the same behavior Temmie has. On iPad, if that makes any difference.


Hopefully there is a solution with the next patch , the problem is still present
Windows / steam