Arena - too much advantage for experienced players?

I fear that arena makes a lot larger profit for experienced players that have been here for a year, than for newcommers that doesnt have the chances of buying any of the 3 troops they have used, the gap is only getting bigger for more experienced players and new players.

You mean using gems to buy those 3 cards after it finishes? I would NEVER do it! Sorry for being honest, devs, but I think that’s a total rip-off.

The arena has 3 strong points in its favor, and, if anything, it helps new players:

  1. You don’t need to own the cards you’re using. They don’t have to be upgraded to level 15. That puts everyone in the same starting level, except for knowledge of the game and of what cards to expect, which work well together, etc.
  2. If you like drafting and being forced to learn how to work with what you have, not with the cards you’re used to, the Arena adds a lot to the game.
  3. The end prizes are decent enough.

Hardcore players that have been here for a year and have most commons-ultra rares on L15, just have to pay one gem to get all the 3 troops used in the arena, while new players that struggle just to pump up some of their troops has to pay a lot of gems to get the 3 troops. I know that they should get some payment for the hard work they have put in this game, but the gap is just too big, my opinion of course.

Arena is based mostly on luck, very very little skill involved. You are saying it’s unfair that people who have been playing for a week can’t get the exact same rewards as people who have been playing for a year, are you joking? Arena is the most luck based thing in the game. I don’t do it anymore, got quite tired of getting stuck with 4 cards that have no damage based skills while the enemy team is stacked. I think you’re mostly referring to the troop purchases at the end. Idk what to tell you, put more effort into the game if you want those types of benefits. Don’t be one of those people that yells “the game is unfair” because people who have been playing for an hour can’t beat multi year veterans that have the strongest setups possible. Time and effort bring rewards, this just seems like you’re asking for free handouts.

  1. Never said it should be exact the same for experienced players and new players.
  2. Lets not talk about who of us two that “Yells”.
  3. Show some respect, especially to new users in this game.

I think you will find that close to zero “hardcore” players do the arena …

Rewards just aren’t there for the time spent and luck involved …

I can get 2k gold and 130 souls in a 3 min PvP match and 200+ glory keys per week from guild, there is very little point to spending 30+ minute in Arena matches for 6k gold, 400 odd souls and 2 keys and maybe 1 card I don’t have at Mythic …



Ah, thanks for the reply.

There are a few ‘hardcore’ players like @Archenassa and @esslee who I believe do very much still play the Arena… Not me though!

High level players don’t really buy those troops at all even if they play arena sometimes.

Ok ok, those super hardcore that have all 5 star kingdoms, all mythic troops and all fully traited that have nothing better to do with their time than the Arena probably do it for variety :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody would do it for resource farm though !!


I completely disagree with this. As @Jainus said, I am an Arena player at heart, I just love it, from the moment it was released, and I always buy the troops at the end because 1 gem for 3 cards is a pretty good deal. I am VERY far from having all my troops at mythic level or my kingdoms at 5 stars. There are two main reasons I love the Arena so much:
1/ We are on the playing field (with the small difference that I might have an extra magic point or attack point than my opponent, but that’s it). We all use level 15 troops, no traits, no kingdom bonuses, everybody has its fair chance, I like that concept.
2/ Lots of line-ups variety. The reason I dislike PvP a lot is that people tend to have the same line-ups all the freaking time. In the Arena, people always use different combos, which I find really cool and refreshing.

I’d also want to add that the gem buying offer at the end is actually a really cool feature for newer players. I’ll take @LegendMaker as an example. He is very far from having levelled up all of his troops, so any time he plays the Arena, it gives you an incentive to level up the troops in his current line-up so that he can buy them in the end. It’s working very well, he’s been soul farming a lot more lately, and slowly increasing his kingdom levelling that way.

Also at @Horror, how can you say there are basically no skill involved? You just have to not mess up your line-up but honestly, you then play normal matches that can sometimes be actually a lot more challenging than PvP.

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This right here. This is the reason very few of the more hardcore players play arena. It’s extremely sub-optimal for gathering resources.

As to the whole paying a single gem for the cards at the end, see my previous sentence.

Well sure, Arena is not a mode to play for resource gathering, it’s a mode to play for fun, just like Treasure Map. It seems a lot of people don’t play for fun though. :frowning:


Knowing you I’m going to assume this is sarcasm :wink:

Actually, in this case, it wasn’t. Looking at a game mode purely from the resource perspective makes me pretty sad. That’s why I talked about treasure hunt, which is another very nice mini-gazmes lots of players find useless because it doesn’t yield a lot of resources. I know I can make three times the money of the Arena with only a handful of PvP combats, but I’m not playing it for the rewards, I’m playing it because it’s fun and a lot more challenging than PvP in my opinion. When I see people say “that mode is crap, not enough rewards”, what I hear is “I’m not ultimately playing for fun”.
To be fair, that’s not specific to GoW. You see the same in most games. I just find it sad. :frowning:

Ah. Well, that’s a pretty broad brush then. One person’s idea of fun IS collecting resources, while another’s might be randomized battles.

Maybe so but that’s not the argument here. It’s people saying “I don’t get rewards I deem worthy in the end so it’s useless”, it has nothing to do with having fun in and of itself. I understand people not thinking the Arena or treasure maps fun, because we all have different way of having fun, but considering the rewards only as what makes something good or not is definitely not about fun at all. Plus seriously, if gathering resources is supposed to be the fun part, there are other games that do it better, you don’t need a match-3 to turn you into a grinding machine, MMOs do it much better.


I completely agree with everything @Archenassa said. You play a game for the fun of playing it, and arena gives the variety of line-ups you can compete against and it’s quite a challenge - far more challenging than pvp with fully traited optimized teams. But people tend to not “play” games anymore - they rather “work” the games - ‘I have to do this to get that’ - ‘I need to grind this and that’. For some people, this is fun though, cause you can achieve a goal you are working on.

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The initial accusation was the Arena was a “cheat” or “unfair” for high end players …

If it was a “cheat” or an easy way to gain resources (specific accusation was cheap cards), then EVERYONE would be taking advantage of it for FUN and RESOURCES / CHEATS …

The fact that it’s gotten down to “people play it for fun and variety” and “people define their own version of fun” means the answer to the original accusation is a resounding “No!” … nobody considers the Arena a valuable source of resources … just various forms of “Fun” :wink:


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@Archenassa said it all, but I’d like to add my perspective to a couple of points made in this thread.

I really really fail to see how anyone would consider the Arena more luck-based than PVP, or even luck-based at all, honestly. Out of every aspect of GoW, the Arena is THE fairest possible thing. Whether you’ve started the game the day it was released and have everything maxed out or you’ve started 5 minutes ago and barely have enough gold to buy your entry fee makes very little difference in your odds to win. Compare this to PVP where even a great player with a decent collection can easily get crushed by the AI with the troll flavor/exploit-of-the-month line-up owned by a player with twice the stat bonuses and traits…

You will only ever need two things to make consistently successful Arena runs in GoW: a basic understanding of the game and SKILL. Full stop. I routinely beat line-ups that are better on paper, including Level 1,000 Mythic Heroes (I’m barely above Level 300) in the Arena. The same guys probably have a Defend team that would make me retreat in disgust in PVP.

Truth be told, I used to be jealous over this too, but I don’t see it that way at all these days. I’ve learned to use this to my advantage, as Arch said, and this actually improved both my Arena experience and my collection quite a lot over the past few months. Now I have an extra purpose for grinding souls, and a bit of an extra incentive to pick troops that are not the safest choice when I draft an Arena.

More importantly, though, I think you’re looking at it backwards. I doubt anyone actually takes the offer when it’s 300 or 400 gems just to get three common to ultra-rare troops (at least, no one has to). Look at it this way: the offer to spend a few gems at the end is an extra reward that you unlock gradually as you level up your troops. You don’t need it to enjoy this great game mode. Also, players who already own all troops at level 15+ and only need dupes to get them to Mythic are certainly much better off buying chests than making Arena runs just for the dupes at the end.

Arena forever. :heart_eyes: