Arena rewards nerf?

8 Wins rewards wasn’t 20 Glory keys before?

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Nope. Always been 5 keys as far back as I remember.

Okay, get 5 Glory keys… Still better than 5 Gold keys as on the 1st screenshot.


Hmm…didn’t take notice of the rewards shot showing gold keys. I’ve always received glory though. Just checked on mine and the “show arena rewards” button definitely shows gold keys instead of glory keys.

Might want to move this under one of the bug or suggestion topics. It’s minor but still misleading.

So I think the reason that they look like gold keys is for 2 reasons

  1. That seems to be their generic key icon.
  2. Back in the old days, when the Arena was released, it was 5 gold keys, back when you got 3 troops from a gold key, or and key rather.

Still would be good for them to change it to the glory key icon.