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Are the 2k points worth it for aChampion or Paragon

So after doing some thought on this new unique defense thing, i had a thought, is it really worth the Paragon and Champions of a guild doing these Unique troop defenses…

Looking at it this way. A champion on average will face at least 10 opponents a day, and if they lose all thse battles will bestow upon whatever guild they are facing an average of about 15-16k points. Even if they lose a meagre 3 battles that is still in the range of 4.5-5k. So the other team is gaining that amount of points.
Now if you set a unique defense team each day you are going to lose a battle or 2 (or 3) especially as a champion as you will face more opponents so the odds go against you that you will win them all…

Correct me if i am wrong here but surely the possibility of Costing the opposition team more points per day than your team makes your chances slightly higher to gain ranks and so earn better prizes (Bearing in mind we only face 6 out of the other 9 guilds so cant dictate w/l perfectly through the entire bracket this way)

So would it not make sense for most guilds to forgo on the 36k they would gain for Champions and paragons setting unique defenses on the probability that they will deny 6 of their bracket mates a lot more than that and therefore set Meta defenses where they are more likely to win More of those defense battles…

Apologese if that was long winded just couldntquite find the right way to put it…

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Champions should probably keep the 6 unique teams…
But Paragon… HMMM, interesting… you might be onto something here.

Not all 30 members will get to the Paragon. From what I saw from last week, only 1/3 of invaders attained him…

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Not 6 unique teams, but it’s still worth doing a few teams, and not the same team for each day.

@turintuor But based on 33% of the entire guild gaining the paragon battle and the paragon only winning 33% of those battles that is still an average loss of about 4.5K to the opposition to a loss of 500points to your team (For using dbl troops on that day)

I said that only 10/30 invaders won the 4 first battles to attain the Paragon (from our result of last week).

Now how much of these 10 invaders will win against a difficult or a medium battle, it’s difficult to know…
Last week, the succes ratio was only 3/10 with META teams… So if you assume that not putting META teams will reduce the defense ratio to 0/10 (ie best case), you will “gain” 1500 points versus 500 points.
And honestly, the “not-META” teams are not that easy…

What I said here is coming from one week observation, so a very small dataset :wink: .

3/10 is 3 won and 10 lost, so 13 players.

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You’re also forgetting the person who is champion or paragon won’t be the following week if they lose all those points. Doubt anyone likes to go from paragon to soldier

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That’s why it doesn’t make any sense to include the unique defense points within an individual player’s GW point totals. They should be credited to the guild, and not the individual player. Using 24 different troops requires no skill and is wholly unrelated to how a player actually performed during the week.

If they are going to give individual points for unique troops, then they should correspondingly give individual points for defense wins, or the amount under the maximum total that the opposing player scored. As the OP suggested, there could be cases where it would actually be beneficial to repeat troops to give you a higher chance at a defense win, which is probably more helpful to your guild (and definitely in terms of point differential) than the offensive points you gain through using fully unique troops. Attributing unique defense points to the player basically precludes this line of strategy and unfairly punishes the player, who is automatically handicapped compared to his/her teammates who get full unique defense points even if they get trampled every single battle.

Plus, did we really need a fourth different scoring system in the relatively short existence of GW? I still feel like the second one, with the 100-200-300-400-500 tiers–and more importantly, a clearly defined and consistent scoring system–was the best.

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