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Arachnaen Weaver De-Devined

By removing the Divine Type, did it go from OP to UP?


I swear I have mentioned this several times. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dunno if your question is serious, but honestly i don’t think that Weaver as a Dvivine would have made it into any version of the top tier Divine teams to begin with.
Not saying it isn’t somewhat good or interesting 'cause i think it is(aside from the lame third trait), it just isn’t Infernus/Ubastet good by any stretch.
So whether or not this one will be a Divine is really quite inconsequential, what will be consequential is if the next mythic of that powerlevel will be a Divine or not.

Yeah but you have to look further out. Right now there’s 1 overpowered Divines meta. Adding another “very good, but not as good” troop makes it more likely that some future Divine introduces a second overpowered Divines meta.

I really don’t think the current meta is really that op. There are tons of counters to this meta.

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That has nothing to do with the assessment of whether or not this troop would have been op with the Divine tag currently, which is what i was talking about.

Man, elves changed a LOT since I last saw one. Is that picture there of Elspeth without makeup or how can you explain this, Salty?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Cut devs some slack :joy:

Elf / Divine :point_right: Monster / Divine :point_right: and whatever to come next

We’re getting there!

Actually it does, because it means “It may not be OP on Divines today, but it could be OP on Divines later.” Divines have too much synergy to haphazardly add more troops to the mix.

This is what i commented on by saying it wasn’t going to be op with the D-tag in the first place.
Speculations about an extremely unlikely future are not part of that.
Also by your logic every troop is potentially op.

This is why I hate the way forums threading hides that a response is “a response” if it’s directly adjacent to the thing it responds to. :mad:

That’s why I quote in such cases. :wink:

I don’t because I like to be an agent of chaos.

Probably should have done that.
I still haven’t figured out why posts sometimes show what post they reply to, and sometimes don’t.
Guess you need to hit the reply on the post twice hmh.

I don’t see how this address the current problem.

I’m not sure why devining this mythic matters so much. It already has impervious so it can’t be entangled.

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It’s A God Damned Evil Spider.

There is no such thing as divine spider. If there was, then nuke it from orbit!

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It doesn’t change the existing problem, it just doesn’t make it worse.

I’m hoping it’s a Daemon and that can be the next meta.

So many people B******g about divines. it was changed before we got it…Just let the devs design/release what they originally wanted without the whining " Yes at one point I was on the nerf train, but just certain cards not the whole race" But we can ignore or overcome the annoying ones.

I refuse to accept divine spider. Unless I can burn them in hell fire .