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Arachnaen Weaver De-Devined

Well you definitely can’t burn this one :wink:

Nuke it from orbit.

Doesn’t work :frowning:

Netflix fans check godzilla

Isn’t infernus the very definition of hell fire?

Nope! Infernus is just a hot head.

Infernus is a fraud.
You can actually set him on fire and he takes damage.


That’s why he has at least two cleansers at his side at all times so people don’t realize he is a fraud.

If they’re keeping the Tomb Spider summon, then the Third trait needs to be at least 100% Summon on ally or enemy death.

At least this way you can come back once you lose a troop and you have Widow Queen in your team.

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100% summon on ally death would be kinda stupid tbh, but it should absolutely be 100% on enemy death if they keep the summon trait.
Either way not a fan of this kind of trait, but it should at least be strong on a mythic, and 50% on enemy death is weak af.

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Ally death means you can fill a hole in the team when you cast Widow Queen. Thus creating more fodder for her, and potentially pulling you back into a winning position.

But I understand it has the potential to be frustrating on defence. But, just kill the Weaver first. :wink:

But - Widow Queen summons to fill the hole…

She is stealthy though so it would be really frustrating to deal with this thing in my opinion.

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No, Widow Queen kills an ally then summons a random Zhul’Kari troop into that place. You do not increase troop numbers. This is her greatest weakness as once her ‘sacrifice fodder’ is killed by the opposition then you are then forced to start sacrificing other troops on your team.

For example:

Team of:
Tomb Spider
Widow Queen

Using tomb Spider as the sacrifice fodder and Tal as nuke on webbed enemies. If Tomb Spider dies from skulls etc then to keeping putting out damage from Widow Queen then you’re required to sacrifice either Spinerette or Tal’Rae severely handicapping yourself.

A summon on ally death would summon a tomb Spider into the top position in this case if you had Weaver instead of Spinerette for example.

:+1:t2: True good catch and can’t be stunned either. I skip looking at 1st and 2nd traits of Mythics. :rofl:

Maybe Widow Queen needs to be changed so she isn’t so gimped once you lose a troop.

The only somewhat reliable team I’ve found with her requires a secondary summoner.

Tomb Spider
Giant Spider
Widow Queen

At least allows you to keep sacrificing and summoning spiders in whilst recharging Spinerette and WQ.

To effectively use its kit aggressively, you need to be able to get at least one troop into lethal damage from its true damage shot and fill its mana completely at least once - preferably without generator that is there just to generate mana, which makes it much faster. Theres almost no true damage synergy with divines and its lethal threshold is about 32 life… it could happen with divines, but I’m not sure it would be frequent enough that you’d want to drop one of your better troops, especially with mana generation not really being a problem for divines. Another way you can set it up is to use a triple damage conditional or other extremely high damage nuke that falls just short of lethal - again, you’d need to fill both these troops quickly and reliably and drop at least one turn to set up. It might be difficult to race down any meta team doing that.

Defensively, it looks a bit more solid. If we use it while just going for true damage synergy, most true damage sources drop the turn and don’t generate any mana, but some of better ones come bundled with a mana drain (usually toward late game, you rely on mana drain/true damage combo for enemy suppression with this archetype, slowing their pace rather than increasing yours, as they stop being immediately lethal once you have unlocked a bunch of skill bonuses). Focusing on attrition, you should be able to maintain mana advantage and trade favorably most of the time. It has Impervious AND stealthy AND can summon with complementary colors, which is handy (this should really be 100% on enemy death to be mythic level, which would mostly be an annoyance for explores), and could work for reversing a bad situation. But as I always say for troops like this, it is just better (and usually easier, and faster) to use troops with good enough pace that they won’t put you in a bad situation in the first place.

At endgame, I’d say it looks average-ish (situational) with or without the Divine tag. It probably wouldn’t have made its way into speed setups even before Ubastet, or any full divines team unless you were missing a lot of key components. Will probably need the right conditions on both your team and the enemy’s team to really shine.