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[Arachnaean Weaver] Do I craft in the Soulforge?

The title pretty much sums up my question.

I have most of the mythics that I want except Pharos Ra.
There seem to be a lot of pretty good teams using AW and I’d love to try some out, plus that ZK 8th level is eluding me without!

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Ideas? All welcome! :slight_smile:

He is a very good troop! Go for it. :+1::+1:

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Wait for Ra if you still need souls, and don’t have enough Diamonds for crafting both! AW fun to mess around with, but not an important troop, and I doubt you will use him in your regular team.

I do still need a decent amount of Souls.
I crafted Xathenos last week because I decided to acheivement hunt, then they brought out the new ones for Delve… Stupid me!

Otherwise I’d have crafted Pharos.

I like his utility and I’ve faced a good many teams that have been a challenging fight had RNG not saved me.

Yes (less than 10)

I’d go for it. I’ve found him to be very useful in various modes from delves to pvp.


If you can, go for it. It’s a more than good troop. :ok_hand:

Weaver + dragon’s eye is a monster in delves. especially if the 3rd/4th troop gets transformed.
Practially turns weaver’s text into “damage last 2, explode 15 gems”


Delves and upgrading Zul Kari are the main reasons I want it.

Huh? Weaver is in the forge? It isn’t showing for me…

Not at the moment I don’t think he is.

This was more of an enquiry thread for when he is because he’s one of the mythics that I don’t have.

He was in the forge last week. This week there are other goodies in the forge….

Huh? I’m sure Weaver wasn’t in the forge last week…? I’ve been watching out for it for ages, it’s the only one I need :frowning:

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Weaver has never been in the Forge. You can see the history @Taransworld tracks here:


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Weaver should appear in one of the next 5 weeks.