Anyone used to play MUDS?

These were popular around 1990, multi user dungeons. LP MUDS used to use an interprative object oriented C for the game, and we’re purely text based like the old games like Zork.


Back in those dark ages, decent Internet was basically only easily available at colleges, so many a bored sys admin or cs grad student would host a MUD on a Unix box. Players from around the world would telnet in to play and chat.


I did muds,moos,muqs

In fact that is how I met my husband indirectly.


At one time I played on a few different muds, they were very fun. I recall one of them that was PvP, I sucked at it as everyone who was good at it used scripts/triggers to handle the actual PvP combat, I recall going into a square/hex and seeing nothing but a wall of text roll by far to fast to read and then me being transported to the respawn area.

My favorite text base game though was Trade Wars 2002 played on BBS via dial up… That was my game, every since then its been all downhill for me…:frowning:


Crap I feel old. Back in college - almost 20 years ago - we had a MUD on one of the campus servers. A group of us built this massive environment in LambdaMOO, which was awesome until one guy with admin access screwed up a command and recoded everything to @GenericHammer.

Backups being not really a thing at the time, we lost a whole lot of work and never really got back to it. Which sucked because it was pretty cool at the time.

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MUD +1
I think it was called Belgariad MUD, based on David Edding’s book series.


Still play MUDs or specifically BATMUD

it rocks… feel free to check it out.
still up and running after 25 years.

took a 17 year break and my character was still there :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t touch a moo with a ten foot pole lol
LP Muds or nothing. Interpative object oriented C. It was awesome! You could write new code and load it on the fly.

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I used to write zones for a DikuMUD on a DEC VAX running VMS.

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I did Briagdoon MUD for a LONG time. I was the highest level Cleric on the game. :slight_smile: I inspired others, even led a clan for about 2 years… Those were the days. :slight_smile: Also did a MUX run by a friend at college for a few years, that was strictly RP stuff. No stats, no special stuff, she paid for the costs of hosting alone unless someone donated. Good old days indeed. Yes, we’re old farts. :wink:

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DikuMuds were an abomination.
Think I tried one once, was that the one that didn’t allow you to spawn new objects without recompiling?

I wrote a Medusa script in an LP mud, it called the player kill function if they examined the Medusa lol. And it left a statue. But if they had a mirror in their inventory…

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Ahhh Brigadoon … that was a long long time ago.

Time Traveler, QWest, a few others I won’t name.

Man that was a long time ago but yeah I think we did have to recompile every time. The reason we ran it, IIRC was because it was one that would run on VMS. I know they started an LP MUD when then first UNIX box came in but I was more interested in playing than coding.

I was Keljoran/Thendain… and you?

Moral Decay!

LP muds let you write code in game, save it then load the object. The game had an in game C interpreter so no need to compile the code. I used to play Dartmud based out of Dartmouth college back in 91

Taisia - be that since 1991. Though for a short time I went by Vrykolokas. Hung out with Cynbe.

I think you were before my time. I hit Brig about 1995/6.

A MUD named Phidar was the reason I bombed out of my first attempt at college.

And also the reason I stayed far, far away from games like Everquest and WoW later on.


Did anyone hang out on Citadels BBSes?

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