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Anyone use pegasus

So, my girlfriend wants to use a team with Pegasus, but I’m having trouble building a team that involves her, I thought maybe giant spider, valkyrie, green seer Pegasus, and home the constant gem spawn/ removal would work, but other than that I’m having some trouble thinking of a way to make this troop work. Does anyone have any Pegasus builds?

And as far as her arcane trait is considered, when I get on a long cycle with green seer and giant spider does that mean that each cast will make her do an extra damage when I finally use her spell?

Yes, it does. I’ll post what I’d make a team around it in a sec, need to set it up on ashtender.

I like Morthani’s Will, Banshee, Pegasus and Alchemist.

I haven’t tested this team (though I might now that I’ve thought of it…) but


Flesh Golem, Pegasus, Alchemist, Mercy.

The main idea behind this team is to get Pegasus firing as often as possible. Probably run a Green/Yellow Banner (Banner of Song, Pan’s Vale iirc)

Actually just remembered this is Console, so you won’t have Flesh Golem’s rework yet. But basically any tank that doesn’t use yellow or green will work.

I also don’t have mercy, but thanks for trying anyway. I just realized I don’t have the stones required to make Pegasus the power house I need her to be.

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Thanks for the team, but no morthanis will.

I’ve been meaning to make a team around Pegasus (and other low level low cost types) at some point, just never got around to it. So I’ll let you know if I come up with any decent ones that might work on console, even without Arcane.

You can replace Will with any tank that doesn’t cause mana blockage.


Green Seer

Banner of Song

Uses all six colours. Treant tanks, Green Seer fills Treant/Pegasus, Alchemist fills Green Seer/Pegasus and leftover Yellows to boost Pegasus’ spell


I appreciate the effort, I just tried my team in PvP, I won after about 7 min, and my giant spider tank had 84 health lol, but I won from random skull drops primarily, used. “Peggy” only twice

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I might have to try that team, I actually have this troops traited slightly

If the team is in the order you listed, you’d actually be mana blocking Peggy which would reduce the effectiveness of it’s spell.

Only Green is blocked, Yellows go to Pegasus first. Also, Pegasus only needs 8 Mana and there are both Yellow and Green generators.

Not your team :stuck_out_tongue: The one @irishfury187 posted originally at the top.

Giant Spider
Green Seer

My bad!


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Oh yeah, I’m blocking both her colors, and using two troops that feed off yellow, my idea for the team was fill valk, use valk to power spider, then seer, then spider, then seer, and repeat that process for a while, snagging random skull drops and handy 4 of a kind skull placements, then BLAM Peggy one shots the bottom troop, then continue to fill her up then BLAM BLAM BLAM. Not the most effective team, but it sounds fun.

seeing as pegasus needs yellows, i suggest you use alchemist instead of giant spider/

Based on the lack of suggestions, you can totally tell why 95% of the community struggles with countering Troops like Maw/Mab.

I mean, if you can’t even build a simple team around an underused Troop…


Update on how my team works? I didn’t test it before suggesting it