Anyone find the Aprils Fools joke yet?

I hope the devs haven’t forgotten it.

Last year it was the end of month orb of chaos (calendar reward) having a quantity of 100.

Anyone see anything amiss today?

Lycanthropy. It was just premature this year.

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I’m waiting for them to announce that the latest patch was the April’s fool joke and that we’re getting something proper…

At least that means it’ll be gone tomorrow then. :wink:

You wish :smile:

There was enough backlash last year (and not for bad reasons, as far as I’m concerned) that I wouldn’t be surprised if they forewent any pranks.


Was about to post it… :confused:

The Aprils Fools joke is on all of us for still playing the game after all the woeful changes as they laugh all the way to the bank.

Found it, they accidentally released it a few months early:


I know what’s the joke - new faction’s weapon kingdom :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t look that bad to me? A shame the colours are same as every other generator weapon. Could’ve been good in GW with diff colours. But no worse than most other weapons.

It’s supposed to help players meet the weapon requirement of the associated kingdom, Grosh-Nak. It has difficulties doing that as long as it’s incorrectly assigned to Karakoth. Which the devs were made aware of weeks ago and repeatedly reminded of.

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But Grosh-Nak doesn’t need help with Weapons. Setting it to Karakoth has equalled their weapon counts. I would have preferred more weapons in Ghulvania or Blackhawk to further balance the weapon counts though I suppose.
Setting a faction weapon (that you cannot use in pure faction runs) to another kingdom is an easy way of balancing weapon quantities. Makes sense to me, kudos to the devs for thinking of it.

I still don’t get what’s so bad about the weapon though? Grosh-Nak needs a generator for world events? I mean I guess, but that’s stretching, they get Mang and Earths Fury which are great weapons for scaling.

Grosh-Nak most desperately needs weapons, because the good ones all have affixes that a lot of players wouldn’t ever want to touch.