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Anyone else just sick to hell of Goblin teams and eternal looping?

All 5 GW matches today were full Goblin teams… So much cheese, so much frustration. No FUN at all.

/whine over







Its green day on Guild Wars, neither of your submissions help with that much at all. Put together a good freeze team using all green.

If you are not going to add something useful to a topic then why post it at all unless you want to be known as a troll?




Better, but build a good team around either of those troops.

Urska Wanderer
Snow Guardian

One option…


You complained about looping teams, so I gave you the solution to them. You complained that my solution wasn’t specifically presented on greens troops, so I gave that to you. You complained that my solution presented on green troops didn’t also do all the rest of the work for you too, so…at that point, get over it.


I whine about goblin looping teams in GW and you put up a troll response, I respond that your response in trollish and you troll response again. I try and actually get you to respond and actually add to the conversation and you respond yet again as a troll.

@Amadan just go away if you don’t want to actually have a conversation about the proposed topic.


They are Indeed very bad.
I’ve had success with using skulls, like bypassing armor, also recasting troop, and healing up.
But they are indeed out of wack most often then not.

Also, Grapplepot is Green and will profit from goblins.
Brian the Lucky in Front can work.
Web also helps.

And the unused green exploder Skullbeard.


I’m racist when it comes to goblins. I just don’t like them, they’re ugly sneaky little creatures. It’s very easy for a match to go sideways against them even with mab. You don’t always get a match four. With other freeze troops, you don’t always get to cast in time. Even when you do, they often unfreeze just in time to cast (happened 15 minutes ago when i was running my blue team in pvp). Once they get going like that it’s hard to recover a lot of the time, you’re left with almost no attack and little health. I beat them more often than not, i just hate them. I don’t even have have a totally rational reason, cuz they can be countered, they’re just annoying.

On green day I am using my Wulf Brothers team against them, as its a beast related team all starts out with 50% mana, and I focus setting up Giant Spider as early as possible:

Giant Spider
Forest Guardian
Frozen banner

Most of the time it goes surprisngly well against Goblins.
Glad to help you Goodwill!!! :wink: :wink:


You either go with Queen Mab and 3 green troops OR deal with the fact that Goblins will often loop themselves and f you up. It’s one way or the other.
You can have your Forest Guardian, Krystenax full and ready to cast, you’re pretty confident that this match is over, but you have no Freeze and - bam! - Goblins looped you to death.

Until we have a green alternative to Gob Chomper or Queen Mab, goblins will f us up every now and then.
( •


Oh, and Kraken on Green Day.
Goblins can be devoured.


Kraken is nice, but one go with it and no devours and no extra turns from the blue he makes, boards is perfectly set up for CPU to roll over you with Fizzbang and co…


Each color have mechanics and tools associated with them and for Green you can’t rely on Freeze… You might say that Goblins are cheesy because it has little counters on green day, but maybe that’s the logical thinking the defender had to put the team in the first place. But it could be a happy accident just as well…

Anyway, you must try to adapt what is available to each depending of the situation.

@KrudlerTheHorse’s, team Green Beast:

It’s reliable once you get the hang of it, you can manage a lot of different approachs towards the enemies. Just treat Forest Guardian as an yellow only troop, Wulfgarok as Red/Purple and Fenrir as blue.

You might want to build something around Aurai too, i have it ascended to Legendary rarity so far, so you probably have it at the same rarity or at Mythic.


Explode plus guaranteed extra turn is bad.


Yeah, the devs still need to understand that. Nobend and Fizzbang have other random effects but they are all good effects with no drawback as they keep the turn…

I see the team @Fenrir showcased in PvP a lot and it’s a menace. While I can reliably beat it with my TDS team, if it’s my 3-trophy choice I think pretty hard about whether I’ll get salty if I lose.

Don’t bicker in your own thread, the more you do that the more people want to bait you along instead of talking about your problem!

I’d argue that “green doesn’t have freeze” is why you found 5 Goblins on Green Day. The point of setting a defense team is not to give your opponent a fun, easy, fast win. The point’s to predict their most likely offensive team and make something that will destroy it. Goblins vs. “I can’t use Freeze” is very effective.

The GW points dance is about trying to decide what you can do to get the most points. If you can’t assemble a team that wins, you’ll lose way more points than if you just play an off-color team and win. It’s not fun to have your “green day” team and be handed five victories. That’d imply there’s a ‘green day’ team that’s broken.

I don’t think Goblins are “broken”. They are “extremely powerful” and close to broken. But they are extremely vulnerable to Freeze or other tactics that starve them of their colors. Like any of this game’s looping teams, if you can stop them before their engine starts you win.

If anything, it’s indicative of why the game’s love of looping teams is not healthy. If Goblins are broken, there are several other teams that must be nerfed as well.

I’ve been over and over these points in other threads and don’t really think anything new can be said. Just like the “Dawnbringer in Arena” thread. This is how the game is, it’s been like this for months, and no one with power has expressed any interest in specifically addressing it. So we sort of have to expect it’s not going to change. If you don’t like it, “an entire competitive guild leaving” makes a much larger statement than “making forum posts”.

I don’t think this game can be balanced with the mechanics as they are. So I’m playing it with the notion that a win’s always a slot machine. Sometimes I get a board so bad, a sure victory turns to defeat.