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Anybody else using Gard's Avatar and enjoying it?

I’ve been having quite a bit of fun experimenting with different teams.

I find the standard Hellcat / Alchemist / Goblin Rocket / Avatar build to be EXTREMELY slow, so I started playing around with it a bit.

Right now I’m going back and forth but I like Settite Warrior / Devoted / Avatar / Mercy a lot. Basically the idea is to use Settite Warrior’s spell on the Avatar for extra AOE. You just have to be careful with Devour teams because if they devour the Avatar, well… :joy:

I’m just using Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard, and aiming for cast Gard twice. It is reasonably fast, no need to loop to pick up armor, as soon as Gard is ready cast it, then next turn you should be able to cast it again for team wipe.

If I was going for adding armor, I would probably use Golden Cog. Same idea, just one turn less: loop until both are full, then cast Cog -> Gard.

That’s blocking all of his mana though. If I get off both Settite and Devoted, one cast of Gard kills everything. Matches are only lasting a few turns.

There is no meaning to blocking in the Hellcat/Alchemist combo (which is exactly the point of the Goblin Rocket team you were using). Assuming you’re doing it right, most often than not a single Hellcat cast will fill both Alchemist and Cog, then Alchemist will fill Hellcat and Gard. If it’s not enough, one more loop will surely do it. Since Cog-> Gard is usually a teamwipe, it should very well be over 2 turns after you started looping.

I’ll have to try it. I just couldn’t get into the Hellcat / Alchemist build, with either Mercy or Rocket. Just too monotonous and way slower than my other teams.

I just tried Alchemist/Hellcat/Archer+Cog/Gard (Dragon Banner obviously). First match was quite quick. Archer’s Fast should really help and is part of the idea.

Some of us are still searching for one and not enjoying the process :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I just tried Alch / Archer + Cog / Gard / Mercy and it was pretty fast too.

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Loyalty, hellcat, alchemist, gard.

I don’t have Loyalty’s 3rd trait yet unfortunately.

I don’t have Loyalty traited but do have Humility.

Humility / Mercy / Gard / Prismatic Sphere works pretty good.

Still waiting to get him from keeps.

Mercy/alchemist/hellcat/gard (dragon banner)

easily most op team you can make with him imo. And it doesn’t matter that you are blocking him, you generate so much mana that I usually fill up gard 75% or more on every cast of hellcat. 2 casts and its over, 3 for me (since its not traited). This team also rapes the daylights out of the double manticore teams, nothing they can do against 3 converters.

I am enjoying it, but I somehow always going back to my Maw team, no surprises…

Alchemist/Hellcat is core. That loop is insanely powerful - get one charged and you can charge the other and Gard and likely have one of them ready when you finally cast Gard, so you can keep going after.

I’ve tried Mercy and Loyalty - Loyalty seems easier to keep it to two hits with Gard due to the increased armor gain, but Mercy is likely faster if you get a good starting board. One could also just go through some extra loops first to make up for Loyalty’s armor. Having a blue troop isn’t critical since you have two transformers already. (Mercy also nabs a +2 armor gain for having two Whitehelm troops, if that matters…)

I actually prefer Brown/Yellow banner for this team over Dragons’. Charge Alchemist in two matches of either Red or Brown if one is a surge, three otherwise. All Dragons’ banner gets is two guaranteed if they’re both Red, but can’t charge in one match which would be cool. Also means its easier to get shut out if the board is devoid of Reds.

That’s part of the idea with the Goblin Rocket version, in case you missed it. The additional Fire Link gives you a chance to charge with a single red match.

I still prefer the Mercy version though. Her virtues are many:

  1. Being empowered, can kickstart if the board is fit (that’s the most obvious one)
  • If the board isn’t fit, can draw mana drainers to herself while you charge the more important troops
  • Can be put in front without blocking mana, if she dies the team still works
  • Adds life, so can be used as a tank of sort, drawing skulls.
  • Cleanses, this might be really important against Mab teams since the team is sensitive to freeze
  • Can repopulate the board with yellow, in case you had to convert yellow to red
  • Does not share a color with the rest of the team, so a freeze (e.g from accidentally skulling a BD) will not affect the team

There may have been a few others I forgot. Point is, she saved me with this team in so many ways, I just can’t get myself to replace her with other one-trick troops, no matter how good that one trick may seem.


I use Honor, Apothecary, Avatar and Hero with Prismatic Orb.

It’s not fast but I really enjoy playing it.


That’s a good point…

Alchemist / Hellcat is certainly unstoppable, but it’s just so slow. Loop, loop, loop, loop - it takes forever.

All I’m really missing is the 4th troop - X / Devoted / Avatar / Mercy is working for me right now. Even Valkyrie in that first slot is fast than Alchemist / Hellcat. The Devoted just introduces a bit of risk.

Been thinking of a faster way to use Avatar, but have not found any yet, still keep me busy tho to constantly thinking of the little faster build, like a chess player who can’t deny thinking about differently chess cases/moves…