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Any special event troops haven't resurrection/summon bonuses

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image
Not needed

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

It is the part of more common bug that I reported several months ago and was totally ignored.

What I expected:

  • Any summoned troops must have bonuses from caster magic, and restricted by actual card level in the summoner’s deck.
  • Any resurrected troops must be the same as they was before death.

What I observe:

  • Any “special event” enemy troops (pet rescue, for instance, or bounty) counts as “no deck”.
  • Any resurrected troops counts as summoned by dead troop itself, so get harsh penalties for every supressing magic effect. Obviously, as “deck level” is in effect, there is no any bonuses in resurrection when magic is gained.

For “special” troops it’s especially hard, as every their summoned/resurrected troop will be L1, even if caster is L100.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always, as far as I noticed summoners in special events.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Get in battle with all this Cerberoses, Summoners, or Infernal Kings.
  • Wait for it respawn/summon anyone.
  • Observe fresh new L1 monster.

Technically it works as intended since the A.I doesn’t have a collection. Maybe you should change it into a Feature Request so the devs could create a poll for specific summons in certain games or simply code it to use the same level as the summoner to make the battles more miserable… i mean… more challenging to low level players.

Well, I don’t know about summons per se - maybe it’s right (but still looks very strange, when L100 casters keep to summon L1 slaves). But for Resurrection it’s obviously wrong. Ok, I can take that it technically summon itself (even if description suggests different). But I am fighting against it now! How it, itself, can be missed from AI collection?! %)

You are looking at it from the wrong perspective. The game battles are coded using some databases that can pull results/troops to fill the teams.

For Explore for example it takes four random troops with a random number of traits. The trops don’t have any “natural” bonus like kingdoms and such, BUT they can have extra stats if you choose a higher difficult than Normal.

In the minigames and events the devs set specific troops with specific extra levels, and sometimes spells and traits but that’s it. Any summon, either from spell or ressurrection/Pact traits will pull a troop unleveled and untraited from the basic database.

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Um, yes, I know it. And while it can be viewed as “normal”, it’s omission. While it’s somewhat harmless for summons, it gives obviously horribly wrong results for resurrection.

Whole Resurrection trait works wrong since new implementation, of course. So maybe this bug will be the reason to re-implement it, right this time. :wink:

Well, the devs may see it as:

  • Does it work in competitive battles using the player’s collection? Yes? So that’s great mate!
  • Outside competitive battles it summons weaker versions of the troops? Well, it’s mostly harmless since the players still wins and no one loses anything, no need to create extra codes/databases for it.

But well, that’s it, i still think you should make this as a Feature Request.

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I see “Request” branch as useless. As developers not always bother to participate in “Bug Reports”, they definitely will be even less interested in third-party features. Well, at least, I see it this way. But thank you for suggeston. :slight_smile:

Hey there, we are reading the bug report section every day. If we feel a thread has been answered by other players already we may not respond, but we do keep track of what is being posted about.

We also keep an eye on the feedback section but often don’t respond. It doesn’t mean we’re not listening I promise :slight_smile: we regularly read about the ideas raised there, talk about them and consider them internally.


This is a bug that I don’t think should be fixed. Pet events are impossible for a lot of lower players but using Dragon’s Eye and transforming all the OP troops makes them still hard but possible for most levels. Also if resurrected or summoned troops came with the stupid stats the pet event, raids, invasions etc get it would make those events so much longer even for level 1000+ players and they are long enough right now. Most people still have to get a certain amount of gold, trophies, boss damage etc they don’t want to be spending 10 minutes on a single battle.

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Thank you for your answer, Kafka.

Um, it’s my luck then - I rare see your (dev) answers in threads where I am participating.

While you are there :wink: I must insist that while summoning is “valid” (even if sometimes strange) reaction of the game, resurrection is not. It must revert unit into it’s initial (“deck”) form, not follow usual summoning rules. My phoenixes suffers from it most. :slight_smile:

I’ll make a bug report as I don’t believe this is intended behaviour.

Next time you notice it can you please take a screenshot of the summoned/resurrected troop and post it here?



Last “Save the Pet” battle. Erynies with Magic 46 summons Quasit - L20. But this issue (with absent summoned standard troops) seems fixed and almost right. L20 is maximum in deck anyway… No traits though.

Resurrections and summons on death didn’t work for me though. In the same battle resurrected Infernal King was L1.

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Hey please keep feedback/suggestions in the feedback section and not in the bug report threads as it can make it time consuming/difficult for us all (devs and players) to find the relevant information and see answers otherwise.

I’ve moved the Summoned troop discussion to a new thread in the feedback section if you’d like to continue it:

@Smiling_Spectre1 I tested summoned troops in live events and was unable to reproduce the issue with the troop level.
I’ll test Infernal King’s resurrection specifically next time.

I was able to reproduce the summoned troops not being traited, in that case they should’ve been traited and have added the details to the bug report.

@Kafka, I tested it too - most (maybe all) directly summoned troops works for AI. But indirect summons and resurrections are not. I’ll post the examples next time I’ll see it.

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