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Any news about tommorows event?

I have very limited resources so i was very happy to know what event will be next week. Right now it is secret. Maybe somebody could give me a hint. What we can expect tommorow ?

Expect an official news post tonight, several hours before the changeover at midnight.

Tomorrow’s event is going to be wild! Unfortunately, it is also going to be rather plain.


This is what you get if you search for furry dragon slave…

Not sure about the collar. That thong though :yum:


Good thing you didn’t search deeper. :wink:

Haha oooh im thinking crotchless panties?

Your eyes will need bleach to un-see what the depths of the internet has for that term. I know, I have been there. :wink:

Then again that applies to literally anything, rule 34 of the internet.

The Internet has depths so low that merely searching for them can mean prison. It’s the pinnacle of human thought, knowledge and creativity though. Anything you want or need can be found.

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I think we both know I went looking for it after that. Seen some, those furry dragons sure have fun!!!

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Well this is one of those threads that took a sharp turn from the OP

Get used to it. Everyone is idle, waiting on the upcoming Update.

Were you impressed or disappointed?

I’m just waiting for the update about what is going to be in the Update…

It’s :soon::tm:

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Will there come a new Legendary? :smile_cat:

I can only assume PC will be returning to 1 or 2 troops a week imminently


Not this event, but the following event.