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Any match 3/card game suggestions?

In the same vein as GOW would be great but not necessary. It’s a nightmare to wade through all the junk out there.

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Well I like Gardenscapes by Playrix, but it’s not in the same league as GOW. But does have a much better user interface now!


Not sure if the mentioned game got an improvement on it’s interface or if GoW newest interface simply makes anything more user-friendly by comparison… :thinking::wink:

I liked Magic Puzzle Quest until it corrupted my save so badly support told me I’d have to factory reset my phone to fix it.

Oafmatch on Steam is similar to GOW. However, I did get bored with it, but that’s just me.

The original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Came out in 2007, but miles ahead of Gems of War to be perfectly honest. Made by the same designer (Steve Fawkner): http://www.infinite-interactive.com/games/puzzle-quest-challenge-of-the-warlords/

Here are some others of the top of my head:

  • Ironcast (steampunk mech battles)
  • 10,000,000 and “You Must build a Boat” (same developer, basically endless runner combined with match 3)

I’ve played a LOT of them. The only one I still play with any regularity is Legendary - Game of Heroes. It’s very expensive and P2W if you want to compete, and it’s not nearly as deep, but you can put in a few dollars and find a rhythm where you make good steady progress and have fun. Ultimately though the lack of depth keeps it secondary to Gems for me.

Best Friends was probably behind Legendary as the next best option. It’s solid on the match-3 but not so much on the card/strategy. “Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle” is technically a match-3 though not in the standard sense and “Ultimate Ninja Blazing” is a puzzle game but not a match-3 per se. Both are solid games but both are way too expensive for my tastes.

If you want a straight up match-3 then I’d probably most recommend Fishdom.

Edit: If you want a paid game then I highly recommend Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Not your traditional match-3/rpg but it’s fantastic.

I’m playing a bit of Empires and Puzzles. I’m playing it free, so it’s a total grind fest.

The nice aspect of it is a kingdom building system. The negatives, its a very energy driven game. So you can’t really play it for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Hopefully the patch next week will adjust GoW enough so I can go back to playing it for more than a match.

That’s why I was asking. I don’t see this getting any better and I wanted to test the waters for more. Thanks all for the ideas

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It’s not a match 3, but you could try Gwent. It’s a Witcher 3 mini game with cards, but now CDProject Red made it a stand alone game, thanks to the immense popularity among players. Some players even played Gwent more hours than the main game lol. I think I will also go to that one now.


Are any of those games on Steam? I can’t play GoW anymore they’ve ruined it for me. I haven’t even signed in today to collect my daily stuff.

i can second gwent its awesome!

I enjoy Empires and Puzzles as well. Sooooo much grind though, lol. But it is fun to play, just not as much card options as GoW.

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Been playing Gwent for almost two weeks. It’s decent, I try to get 18 rounds in, but most days just go for 6. The $5 Starter back is a ridiculous value, of course you can only buy it once. Still crashes occasionally as it in Preview, in theory the single player campaign and full release ‘should’ be out in December…

I played Empires & Puzzles for a bit. Just checked and it looks like I got to level 12 and 1600 team score. Not bad considering how amazingly slow you progress in the game!

I stopped playing b/c it was ultimately really shallow and clear that the grind was nuts. Basically no way to earn the gem currency at a reasonable rate. Also, I spent a little in the game and it felt like a drop in the bucket.

It’s one of the games that reminds me that Gems is as good as it gets for a F2P match-3/rpg despite all its flaws.


I have taken up checkers because my eyes can’t take much more of this mess.

There’s currently a whole bundle of match 3 games for sale on Bundle Stars:


Can’t comment on the quality, GoW seems to be taking up all my match 3 time. Price is next to nothing, so if you are into this kind of games it’s very like worth it.

Started playing Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest last night. I actually like it very much. I’m afraid I might be stuck in there for a while and then decide which of the two I might continue to play. My life’s too busy to play both in the long run.

What platform is gwent?
I cant find it in playstore or ios…

match 3 but not a card game, im casually playing sometimes - Homescapes, it has no fantasy element neither collecting aspect, and i can see it gets p2w soon, but the storyline is very pleasant and fun :slight_smile: