Any chances of a PSVita port?

Gems of War is spectacular.

I really enjoy this game and the melding of match-three puzzle games and RPG genres. When puzzle quest first came out, i turned so many people onto it, even non-gamers and everyone just loved it.

So I was really surprised when it came to PS4 so quietly in late 2015. I’ve been playing regularly ever since.

But it would be awesome to actually have the game on PSVita (I know… remote play but it’s not the same as having a portable version). I understand the game is online-centric but it wouldn’t be too difficult to at least allow a Vita player to play quests and challenges while offline and then sync up with the servers once connected?

Anyway… thought I’d throw it out there just in case there was already a movement in place to port the game to Vita and you were waiting for just one-more-vote!

Thanks for Gems of War in any case… it’s my favorite PS4 game! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think maybe that if you try to go portable where offline disables pvp then arena goes as well as that is also online required. However if psp get support I want them to go full tilt and do it on the Wii and wii u as well as the Nintendo DS line.