Announcing... The Lorekeeper


Need another writer? I will!



@sapphirain I think Sirrian has it covered.



Don’t stop there we also want pet stories



If you stop posting Lorekeeper, at least include those introduction pieces when releasing new troops.



Yeah I don’t get what happened.

We used to get a teeny story every time a troop was posted. Then we got a really big story that related to all of the troops. Now we get a one-line reference to some joke.

“The Horse with No Name” is a pretty dang good title for a story. Who is Horse Lord? What’s his story? How’s it relate to Nightwing? It’s a shame the writing end of this game isn’t getting maintained, without that flavor the game loses a lot.



I have some updates and explanations regarding the Lorekeeper and lack of lore being released with troops now, so read on!

One of the reasons we switched from lore being released with our weekly troops is that we felt the tone changed too much. Some weeks would be funny, others serious, and it didn’t feel cohesive as a whole. This is why a more detailed, sustained narrative was written by Sirrian!

Another reason is that both the Lorekeeper and weekly lore take up a good chunk of time. The Lorekeeper is now long enough to be a book, and writing backstory and copy for every troop that is released in-game is a significant time sink when looked at over the course of a few years.

We aren’t sure what we will be doing in the future, but it is something we are thinking about and discussing. We don’t know if we will continue to release weekly lore, write a seasonal Lorekeeper, or find another way to producing narrative content. Thank you for your patience while we move forward and figure out the best way to do so. :slightly_smiling_face:



Well the ones i miss the most is the Mythic Troop Lore, maybe we can get them . Is just one time each month.



More lore is good lore. I personally cared not a jot that the tone varied wildly - Krystara is a many-splendoured place.

I’m hoping you figure out that the best way is the way with lore all the time, every time. :smiley:



I love all the lore that has been put out. Sirrean is very talented