Announcing... The Lorekeeper

Sirrian is not a good example cause he is multitask person and yes he also can fix bugs, he did it very often

There is no reason to believe that he still does that now that the company has grown and they have a full staff. I’d bet money that he lets his actual coding staff handle bugs while he actually manages the company.

Well most of time sirrian is there during the weekend when new kingdom release to watch if everything work well and he did fix lot of last minutes bugs.

It’s pretty irrelevant to talk about the times they had emergency breakdowns when he was the only person in the office to fix them. lmao

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Irrevelent? You said he don’t fix bug and i prove you are wrong. I don’t say he fix every bug but he can do it to keep the game running. Anyway we are derailing the thread so i will just stop there

I’m obviously talking about day to day operations. He is NOT the person that fixes the ordinary gameplay bugs that pop up in the game. That’s what coding engineers are paid for. You can deflect from the main point all you like. The main point still stands that this announcement makes no difference when it comes to bug fixes. They aren’t going to release them any faster whether they had the lorekeeper or not.

These arguments pop up continuously in games when devs announce that they are working on a different aspect of the game. People that have no understanding of game dev whinge when the company works on a part of the game they deem unimportant. The fact of the matter is that each part of the team has areas that they work on. The graphics department doesn’t work on code and vice versa. Period point blank.


Im not asking them to do it permanently. Most of game release update then take the time to fix bugs then release a patch to fix bugs when they are happy they release a new update rince and repeat. In this game they try to do both at the same time and often result as they forget to fix some bugs and we need to wait another update to see it fixed. We now getting new update every 2-3 months , i don’t say i don’t like it but taking a small update break to fix bugs only, can be good imo

I would LOVE if they did this. But, I don’t see that ever happening since frequently released, new shiny content is what publishers like to see.


I for one, love reading the lore and having a compendium its awesome!

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There is a lore that baffles me all the time, why are the spiders beasts?

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Interesting. Are there any plans to include the back story, troop flavor, or lore in game? Considering the overwhelming vast majority of players are not on this forum.

A beast is relative term to describe an animal that is different from humans. A spider doesn’t even look remotely similar to humans. At least the only difference (that I can think of) between elves and humans is whether your ears are pointed or not.

I hope not.

To echo what everyone else has said here, yes, Sirrian will be writing the lore. This does not eat into development time or dollars, as he is primarily doing it outside of his typical working hours which are dedicated to other forms of game development.

I am super excited that we are getting the chance to explore the rich lore of Krystara more! A lot of players ask us about it, so we wanted to have a way to go more in depth.


Love the lore of the quests and troops, hate the dialogue.

I hate the needless and incessant, “Yes”, “Okay”, “Oh no,” “Are you sure”, etc. etc. that is constantly being garbled out by the hero. I feel like the hero is that asshole who always has to get that last word in during a conversation, even if it hasn’t helped drive the conversation any way or the other, or added anything other than simply uttering out a word or two.

It was very immersion breaking, and instead of being able to enjoy reading the lore, or the funny things Tau and Keghammer would say, or even the RARE humorous replies the hero would say, I found myself just skipping it all because of the senseless “last words” the hero always had to get in.

With the current way the Hero’s replies/dialogue is written, he’d be broke were he to ever attend Adana’s Scrap Heap Auction.

Auctioneer: “Do I hear 100 gems for this malfunctioning Bombot!”
Hero: "That so? Let’s Go! Yes! Oh no! Really? "
Auctioneer: “SOLD, to the man constantly making noises after everything I say and buying everything at the auction!”


Sirrian should narrate the story, and you could cosplay it by wearing various hats and interpretive dance.

I thought @Ozball, was our official officer dancer:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! I knew it would happen one day! Like it was with Etheria 20 years ago.

I can’t help but think of this.


Love the lore. Keep it coming, please. It’s nice to remember that there is more to the game than matching gems, and more to a troop than their stats.