Announcing... The Lorekeeper

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The Lorekeeper

Hello Adventurers,

We just wanted to send out a quick notification before tomorrow’s blog about a slight change of format to the posts, and a cool new thing we’re trying out… the Lorekeeper.

What’s happening? Well we’re going to try splitting up the troop announcements and stories into 2 separate posts.


Well, the current blogs contain stories & troop release info all bundled together. Different folks like these 2 things to different degrees - probably most people want hard stats/pics of the new troops/weapons, but that doesn’t make the other camp less valid, and we’ve received a lot of feedback recently asking for more lore on the world.

The solution? We think splitting it up so that troop data releases first (same time as always), and then stories release some time later (up to 24 hours later - we’ll probably tinker with this initially).

Now the BONUS here is that we then have a lot more scope for what we do with the stories/lore, and this is where the Lorekeeper idea comes in! The idea behind the Lorekeeper is that we break stories up into 1 chapter per week for 3 months, forming a self-contained novella. Most weeks it will deal with the troops released in some way… sometimes peripherally, sometimes in detail… but at the end of each 3 months, we have a 25,000 word novella that you could download and enjoy as a separate thing (or you can read it episodically every week).

When will you see this?

Tomorrow! Tomorrow’s event blog will release as normal, but without the usual flavor text… and the first chapter of “Lorekeeper I: The Three Dragons” will release about 8 hours later.

Until then, have fun!

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Yay. First response :smile:


Sounds interesting! Looking forward to it.

Will the novella be translated into every in game language, or only doing English?


Amazing. I can’t wait to hear about the troop stories :smiley:

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Sadly, only English at the moment, as 25,000 word is quite expensive to translate.
In future though, anything is possible.


I demand Finnish translation.

I’m down with this! Looking forward to a little more story & lore to flesh things out. Thanks!

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Sounds awesome I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time

@Rickygervais Can do the French translation for a generous sum of gems :gem::gem::gem: :thinking:

You could narrate the story too, and make it playable in game instead of music.

Not sure it’s a good news, i would prefer more time spent on fixing bugs


The code engineers that fix the bugs are probably not the same people writing this game lore. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, this is great news @Sirrian and company. I always love reading the stories that come out with the troop releases. So, it will be great to have those stories fleshed out more.


I completely agree with this. I am not against this addition (it seems like a nice addition to give more background to the world of Krystara), however I am not sure if it is the right choice to expend resources (i.e. developer time) to this while other issues (bug fixes, QoL improvements) would seem to be much more urgent (to me anyway).


Yeah same here im not against this feature but they keep releasing new stuff and some recurrent bugs are still there after several patches, example the ghost troops and lot of bad translation, i would prefer to see them fix these before adding or spending time on new stuff

Edit: i know cyrup said they can’t do anything right now but for me the most urgent would be to fix the damn freezing and the chat. This is ruining my gameplay experience and the game become unplayable after 30 minutes, sometime instead of just restarting game, i play something else.

You really do seem convinced that the same team who creates the lore also fixes code issues. They aren’t a three-man shop. It’s not taking away from bug-fixing to create Lore in any way.

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You don’t understand my points, even if it’s not the same person, this is time and ressources spent on something not broken

No, you’re misunderstanding @zepp’s point. Spending time and resources in a different way doesn’t matter if they’re different resources.

I agree with the similar but better complaint that new technical content is being pushed out ahead of bug fixes or life improvements. But those don’t make money.

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Lol i know it’s not 3 person working on it but let’s say you put 100$ on story development, this is 100$ less on other more important things.

I do understand your point, it’s just not a valid one.

Your point is that the company has one big bucket called the budget. If they hire a guy for bugs and a guy for lore, they are not hiring two guys for bugs, which you would prefer.

That’s super short-sighted thinking. The game has to have a balanced development team or they are going to have a bug-free boring game that no one plays. They have shown again and again they are working on getting the code right, so until they stop fixing bugs altogether, there’s no need to say ‘spend the money on bugs more.’

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I was talking in general, not only bug but also testing wich seem to be less important for them

It’s doubtful that they are putting X$ extra into story development since it has always been stated that Sirrian writes the lore. So, whether Sirrian takes 30 extra minutes writing lore (that he already did for troop releases) or uses that 20 extra minutes managing staff, it makes no difference. Because, he is NOT the guy fixing bugs.