Anniversary rewards bugged?

It has appeared now.

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It hasn’t shown up on Xbox yet.


I’m on Android and still haven’t received anything.

Gold and card showed up for me but the diamonds did not.

Got the Tzathoth well on console known as [troop X01 so on] from a gem chest which is infuriating as could’ve been chance for scorp :frowning:

Still bugged on Xbox


Yeah,I´m on Xbox.
Got nothing.

Oh well at least it was a nice thought and that’s what counts right

Day 2 I got vip keys but I didn’t get the 10,000 gold or the 100 gems. I recorded it too because I had a feeling it was still glitched. I’m on Xbox one.

Same here. Got the 3 keys nothing else

are you sure? It was 100 diamonds we got, not gems.

I didn’t get anything from the Day 1 mail, including the troop and still don’t have it, as of this moment (Tuesday, November 7th 2017, 3:44 a.m., Central Time Zone). However, I did get all of the Day 2 mail. I’m on Xbox One and I’ll update this post/comment, if anything changes.

I would have sent in a ticket if I were you, if you havent already.

It’s not just you @JonathanStriker . Seems like its affecting those who play Xbox One. Devs have not bothered to remedy the issue.

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Hi, I’m playing on PS4, yesterday I received the gold and the troop but not the gems. Today the same, I received the troop and the gold, but again no gems.

The Rewards offer Diamonds not Gems (yup, I know they look almost exactly the same). You’ll find them in the Soulforge under your resources.

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PC here. Not just Xbox I’m afraid.

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@SpecialRX : Oops, Thank you very much, yeah, I found them :smile: I’m still a junior in this game and I did’n use the soulforge until now.

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Ok,you were correct,I got diamonds ,my bad.

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Its no questions about who’s right or wrong here, brudda. All good! :slight_smile: