🌪🌪🌪🌪 Anemoessa is looking for a casual Player 🌪🌪🌪🌪

Hello everyone,

Anemoessa, Rank 102, Guild Wars Bracket 6, is looking for casual players.
Our member’s requirements are to just be active and enjoy the game.

For anyone who’s interesting to join post your in-game invite code here,
so me or anyone of our members can invite you.

I joined some weeks ago. There is daily discussion about gems of war stuff in discord and ppl are nice, active and helpful. Been able to top my GW gaming a little too. I approve.

I would love to join an active guild! I play daily and contribute daily. My invite code is “1jetsgirl” hope to see ya!

Valar morghulis Kahleese, invite sent. Hope you have fun.

Haven’t received it in my in box yet. Is this where I look for it?

It 1JETSGIRL ( ALL capitols)

Hope you get it this time around.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Nothing there.
This is what my forum screen looks like…

Karen H.
Invite Code: 1jetsgirl

And I look here for the invite, correct? Sorry to be a pain! LoL

You are supposed to get the invite in your mailbox. Are you still in a guild? If you are you are unable to recieve invites.

Wondering if there are any open spots remaining, for an active player (daily) like me (level 198). Still leveling kingdoms, but will gladly siphon some gold to guild’s coffers; and all of it when all kingdoms at 10 (only 6 more to go!)

If it seems like I’d make a good addition, here’s invite code:


@DarthVoda I’m sorry, we are full right now.

2 Spots are about to be open

Our member’s requirements every week, apart from just enjoying the game, are:

  • Play Guild Wars Battles (Main focus).
  • 500 seals.
  • No Gold, its ok, as soon as all the tasks are complete
    (usually happens every Monday).
  • No Trophies, no problem.
  • 2 weeks of inactivity without excuse leads to exclusion from the guild

General rules:

  • Do not be a troll. Be gentle, kind, funny and good to each other
  • Do not spam in the text or voice chat
  • Messaging NSFW content is not allowed
  • Be respectful and do not disrespect others

Join us at:

I’m in, veteran player, good at GW. Several 8k+ teams ready. invite CHESSPIECEFACE

Hi Chesspieceface. Ok, I will sent you an invite.

Invitation has been sent. Welcome to Anemoessa.

I was kicked. I contributed daily. Won trophies, and there are players in this guild who dont even play. So ticked

as written above the main focus is to play your daily guild war battles, and you didn’t.
That’s the reason for the kick!
afaik we tried to contact you in the game chat, but no reaction!

Hi Khaleese.
We are a casual guild, but more than two weeks without reaching the bare minimum (GW battles and some seals) is considered inactivity. Moreover no signs of life, in any of our chats (discord and in-game) led me to the decision to remove you. I am sorry about that but you were really active at the begining and then just disappeared. Some gold donations and some trophies, although appreciated, were not even requirements.
Best of luck to you.

Yes well being a grown adult and having a full-time job as well as running my business I have logged on every day contributed gold contributed trophies Etc is no reason to be kept from a guild while you have members that don’t even play on a daily basis that are still members. I’m offended and pissed off. But thanks for your reply