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And the 2020 Worst Update of the Year Award goes to

World of Tanks

Sorry to disappoint you, Gems of War enthusiasts, but there is a worse update out there.

Imagine if 505 decided that in order to level the playing field, all those classes you spent years getting to 100 would now be capped at 40. No banishment for Dragonguard, no Lightning Strike for Frostmage, no Fortitude for Titan and Monk. Nope, 40 is the new 100.

That’s the best way I can try to compare what WoT just did to my favorite Tank crew. It used to have 22 skills attached. Now, only 9. Unbelievable.

And on top of that, they changed the UI, the way equipment works, and the actual game play is now based on a “True Sight” system. It is almost like playing a new game, which as another person said, “If I wanted to play a new game, I’d play it. I liked the old game, spent a lot of time and money on it, and now it is gone.” Just terrible.

So, yeah, my plans to leave Gems for Tanks are now dashed. I hear Gears of War 4 is good. Only four years late to that party. Maybe I’ll try my hand at Battlefield V. Internet is kind of crappy for that tho.

I moved four alts from Chunky’s Raiders to our retirement guild, Chunky’s Vindicators. I will stay on as Interim Warboss at the Raiders, and serve as a Military Advisor until such time I am deemed unnecessary.

And now, please feel free to complain about how bad 505’s updates have been in 2020. They have been. They just aren’t the worst.


Its been a strange year with coronas and much of 2021 might be affected too, cant expect for great patches nowadays in any game.

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Sorry to hear about your misfortune, my friend.

Remember, though — they can’t keep a good orc down :muscle:

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I came to this thread expecting to be roasted and was very, very surprised.

Kinda made my morning, won’t lie.


If it was about gems of war… It wouldn’t be off topic…
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Orcs can only count to 9 anyways. If they are lucky.

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I did post on their WoT forums, but I’m not well known over there. Here, 61,960 renown counts for something. :slight_smile:

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I might have still filed it under off topic because I’m an Orc and don’t know any better…

Not only that, but our interwebs are often faulty. It took me two days to download that update, thinking I was going to get to earn some new tanks.

I’m probably not the best to complain about all the changes, but that update might be eligible for worst of the decade. I’m free to play, but I still bought 3 tanks for training purposes. There are others who bought the equivalent of multiple Death Knight armors for all the various nationalities so they could train their crews. Now, completely irrelevant.

I’ll be mad until 2021, no doubt, but if I kinda made someone’s morning, even if thru that schadenfreude kinda way, it kinda makes my day.

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Online game developers hate their playerbase. This much is clear.

And you know why they can? Because the playerbase keeps accepting it.


Try WoT on PC instead of console, you might be happier with that.
I wonder if they can transfer your acct over.

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Hi @Saltypatra If you expected to be ROASTED, you and the DEVS @Sirrian and Team MUST know why us Players are very unhappy with you? :man_shrugging:

Given you know what you are doing and not doing, why not fix some of the issues? How many years does it take for you all to get the message from your players? Are you too busy counting your profits to FOCUS on keeping your “gravy train arunnin’”?


Pretty much this. Look at us, we still play the game even if we whine like nothing other existed.

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So you know this was a terrible update. You shouldn’t expect to be roasted for a good update.

Not me. I’m not playing a game that has an update solely about getting players to spend money and not even giving the players a single new thing to do. GTA has turned in to one of the greediest games around but at least every new DLC gives actual new content it even gave players a whole new island and new heist the day before GoW gave players shrines where you can buy some orbs.

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Arent you playing the game but spend your valuable time on its game forum? Nothing wrong in that, you are free to do so if you want to.

I would like to play the game if the devs spend more time making the game more enjoyable by doing something about the variety in PvP, nerfing broken troops, buffing useless troops, fixing some bugs etc instead of making everything about trying to make money. I am fine if they make something like campaigns that are about making money but also give players something to do.

There hasn’t been much new to do since 5.0 introduced the campaign and while it is nothing really new it actually gave us tasks to do. the big thing 5.1 was deeds and kingdom levels that bought nothing new to gameplay and that was basically the same with 5.2 that swapped the hero for an epic troop in arena and now with 5.3 with shrines and war coins.

If a new update rebalanced some troops, made proper changes that actually gave some variety in PvP, made some requested changes like some of the campaign tasks and maybe even bought in something new to do like a classic PvP banning empowered troops and deactivating class talent trees and weapon upgrades while doing something small for money like the cosmetic pet flash offers and showed that future updates were about improving the game rather than just money I would happily return to the game and even buy the campaign pass.

I know that what I say won’t matter to the devs but like I said I would like to return to the game one day with some changes I would so I want to give my opinion on the tiny chance other people are saying similar things to me and the devs may change how they do updates.

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They get the message, they might even care, they just aren’t allowed to acknowledge it or do anything about it.

3rd consecutive elite (lol) pa$$ with a mythic troop and event pet on the heels of launching Whale mode (Shrines). I think we know the answer to this question.


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I am afraid that nothing much will change, Goodwill. Your expectations must be Godlike for hanging around like this hoping for a miracle.

Like I said I don’t expect anything to change. I have a bit of extra time now that I’m not playing but I’m not going to be living on the forum just dropping by when I have some time to kill.


Ah, I misunderstood you then. I thought you was around because you was gonna scream with the rest of the whiners until massive changes arrives.

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Nah I’ve given my opinion about the game and what changes I want. I may bring it up again in the correct topics if people make them but I’ll be lurking more than posting. I will be posting when the devs do make good changes like the balancing of troops today. I want them to have some positive feedback for good changes.