And new week in GW and what do we have --- Famine again

You know these defense teams that contain these ungodly # of Famine and Death and then either Kraken, Crimson or Draak playing support - It’s just getting old. It’s also getting uncalled for.

Come on you defense teams - start thinking creatively, not just OP. You’re taking the fun out of this really fast.

One very frustrated player who does not have Famine, War, or Death especially multiples.


While I too find them rather frustrating at times, you can’t really fault people using them in Guild Wars. This is the most competitive mode in the game and a good defense team that can prevent another guild getting max score is crucial to helping your guild succeed. So while I too would like to see less of them, it’s not likely, just got to find a way to counter them.


I’m level 650, played for over thousand hours in an active guild that finished 4 tasks and hits 40k, and I have 1 mythic.
Everytime I get put against these teams with 2/3/4 real mythics, it hurts a little more.

The whole thing is turning into the haves vs the dont haves, with unlucky people getting the sh!t end of the stick over and over again.

Might be fun for the haves, but it will end with only the haves still playing, because people will move on when they keep getting screwed all the time.


Ironically, the only way we are going to move past this is for Guild Wars to finally move out focus so that the devs can focus all their attention on crafting.


There are so many opportunities in this game to reward people with a mythic, instead of it just being pure rng, it’s very sad that they don’t.

Finishing all quests… finishing all challenges… hitting level milestones like 100, 250, 500, 1000…
But nothing.

It’s all rng… I really hope crafting changes things… but my gut tells me, that’s all gonna be rng again.

Rewarding people for hard work put in should be on the top of their list imo.



i hope devs decide to add positive incentives to increase variety in gw defense then maybe your issue is solved
(like one i suggested to give small gw invade color bonus % for using certain dev-selefcted troops in the gw defense during that selected day)

until then the gw rewards seem too important

either that or hope for the gw troops to become fairly “easy” craftable in the incoming crafting system…


I really really wish they would incentivize variety for normal PvP, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for guild wars.

GW is supposed to be “true competition”. This is what “true competition” in a game like Gems of War looks like. Instakills and mana drain will be abused. Games take a long time. A bad board will cost you a game eventually, no matter how well prepared you came or how “skilled” you are at the game. It won’t be fun for a lot of people. I’m hoping that, in time, it will become less relevant for that people it isn’t fun for than trying to make it fun for people that aren’t going to find this kind of thing fun anyways, because nobody will be happy like that.

Possible at the very least. See above statement about “relevance” being the problem since an exclusive is offered. As I’ve said in other threads, I’m fine with long term goals, but anything with a wait of six months plus might as well be “never”, and nothing that you are putting actual concerted effort toward should ever roll past a month.

Eh, I don’t completely agree here. One-time milestones could give a bit more, but it doesn’t solve the heart of the problem. Right now, not only is personal effort poorly represented, effort in general gives hugely diminishing returns on any given week, the same amount of effort week to week gets you less and less as you go along, AND you have to fight RNG on top of that. And they do have questline rewards in the form of questline epics… but most of them are terrible.

The way releases happen makes frontloading with resources the only viable strategy, and if you don’t have enough, you miss out on a drop for months (in mythics, possibly forever). Crafting needs to fix this by bringing a personal effort factor back to the table, but they still have to have some kind of gating mechanism. A non-rng gating mechanism, hopefully. If there is RNG to it, you need to be able to overcome it with effort, not waiting, thats part of the problem with the current drop system. Eg., an effort component that would involves RNG to a reasonable degree would be having to farm traitstones. Traitstone drops are random, but through time and effort alone you can traverse a large enough sample size where the randomness is largely irrelevant (hundreds of battles vs a 1 in 17 arcane drop).

But nothing is going to happen so long as they keep having to put guild wars as the priority week after week.


its not impossible to keep the “competition” aspect and incentivise defense variety

if you get more color bonus % to your guild atttack team for having a “weaker” defense then guilds simply need to choose between:
" possibility of earning more points" vs “possibility to make other guilds earn less points” - with such choices either way its still as competitive :wink:

ppl would try to find the balance between the two, you would start to see more variety without excluding the meta troops, and so the “true competition” would go on

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Or, give enemy players bonus points based on the base rarity of your defense team. +6% for each base mythic, +4% for each base legendary, +2% for each base epic.

On the other hand, it makes it harder to detect collusion between guilds, since there are still terrible mythic cards that could be fielded to give bonus points.

The quickest, easiest solution is to fix Famine.

Mana cost too low, spell damage too high, and 100% mana drain to every freaking troop.

He’s OP and it’s not even really debatable.


You are 100% right, but i do not dare to mention…

…because i am afraid if the Devs fix him they might focus a nerf on these parts of his spell, with which i can totally live, but…

…that part might stay untouched, and this is what really breaks the troop for me in a massively absurd and mindboggling way.


Yeah, I definitely agree with you there.


The same applies for me for death, during the death mark nerf debacle with Death Knight. IMHO nerf Famine but keep the full mana drain. Nerf the biist ratio and up his mana cost


Especially since there is NOTHING that stops that. There is no trait, skill or spell that stops Famine from basically making it very very difficult to survive. Then add a second one on the team… Even invisible doesn’t stop this.

And the worse team so far has been a Deathmark Knight, Death Mark Troop and two Famine.


So far I don’t like guild wars, it is very one sided and is not worth the high blood pressure it gives you! Forget about using the color of the day, they wont drop. Every fight is 2 famines. Needs Much work!

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Gets your blood pressure up? Easy solution dont let it… Be chill… Zen even… Just play😎


I appreciate the sentiment but loosing every single round or so - especially the folks who don’t have OPs, mid to newbies it is NOT fun . In fact we’re seeing folks apologize, start guilt tripping themselves for failure. - or worse feeling bad because they were sick, had work related issues, had a death in the family…and could not play. That’s unhealthy.

I like a good challenge. I like a good time. - Game - have fun - but this every day same set of troops because there is no real Guild wars here. Guilld wars would be the defense team and offense team both have skin in the game. And are awarded points.

Make the Defense play by the same rules.

Yes - you will see OPs but they won’t be getting that many points now for a win…and the offense teams that don’t play by color…they too aren’t going to get many points.


I personally don’t think you should be able to get more than one of any Mythic. Once you are lucky enough to acquire one of any of them, that’s it for that particular card.

I think it would make the game much more fun and strategic for most, and also stop people from spamming doubles/triples/full teams of Famine/War/etc.

I absolutely agree. RL issues always come first. My guild employs a “just participate and do your best” mentality and we never fault someone for having RL issues that keep them from the game as long as they let me know and dont just ghost us.

Example of this: one of my guildys just returned after a 75 day absence and nobody im the guild got mad because she let us know she would be gone and a timeframe for her return.

Not throwing shade here but i dont think i would want to be a part of a guild that penalizes members for RL issues such as work, death, school, ect.


I see this about 50% of the time.

DK / Famine / Death / Famine.

It’s incredibly boring and mildly annoying. There’s no fun in it at all.