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An in-game tie into the forum Fantasy Series

@Sirrian @Nimhain , as a tie in between the game and the forums maybe you should offer the winning lineup for purchase in game. It would have the added benefit of advertising the forums in the game, making the fantasy series even more relevant to in game and be pretty sweet bragging rights to whoever wins. Also, with the point system limiting the rarity of the cards it shouldn’t get too out of hand with a massive amount of legendaries in one line up.

Just food for thought.


I’d love this since that’s what I am trying to do in game… Once Darkstone and Wild Plains get unlocked.

This is a really great idea!

This would be amazing. There are a couple teams like Machikinght and my own that are quite low rarity atm though. For very low teams that may not even use legends, maybe multiple copies of the card could be given with some traitstones. Something like enough copies to get every card to legendary (epics 6, ultra rares 16, rares 41, commons 91).

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Or they could just make it cheap :grin:

I don’t think many people would spend $5 for 1x copy of common, rare, and ultra rare without some kind of extra being thrown in with it.

Or they could come with all traits unlocked

In most cases I assume it would have a Legendary in which case it would almost certainly cost more than $5. It could also cost Gems.

We’ll see. Machiknight and I have some pretty nasty teams starting to form off of lower rarity. As long as a team has an epic it would likely need to cost around $15 or $20 and if it has 1 or more legends it would have to be around $30-$50.

So far my team lore is not looking very pg-13 at the moment but i did nab the best gem denial troop in the game and with full traits it is amazing so far with the line-up i am stuck with. I would love if my team won but the thing is, wouldn’t this skew results on what specific troops people want such as bone dragon and gorgotha instead of which team actually can win in a fight such as tyri stopping bone dragon from firing while i use my giga-lasers to take down gorgotha. I thin k this is a bad idea that will unfairly bias the draft.

Well, that’s the thing. When the matchups start, make your case as why you would win and see if you have the more convincing argument.

even if my team was the best with the best synergy, the rarity of opposing troops would skew the decision making and people would vote for teams that have poor comp and poor synergy just to get their hands on powerful troops. I can make a convincing argument or let my team speak for itself when it is done. Powerplay’s team had better synergy against his opponent but still lost because his opponent had a legendary that seems really powerful at high level but once it is gone the team falls apart. I can’t win against people wanting hard to obtain troops if my team is nothing but common and easy to get troops. It is basic math that my team can be gotten easily so why waste the time in voting it up and instead vote for the legendary troops because people do not have them yet.

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Two things. 1, I think you are over-estimating what people would/would not vote for even if the troops would be made available, especially if they had to pay cash for it. A number of people just wouldn’t pay to get things, or if they would, they won’t pay above a certain threshold which this most likely would. This also will go further once all troops are allowed, yet they’re not available on consoles (so it wouldn’t even be possible to offer it in that case).

2, you’d be amazed on how far you can go with cheerleading. People like excitement and enthusiasm.

3, you keep referring to Power Play’s 2nd round match against me. I don’t want to derail the thread getting into this breakdown, just I think you weren’t seeing the big picture there. PM me if want the whole breakdown.

! I think you are underestimating people’s greed.

2 team wtf had the most cheer leading so i think if we accounted for that then he should not have lost to endurance test.

3 i helped cheer endurance test on and he did his fair share of cheering as well but you still won that round.

I think people based it on only gorgotha vs herdmaster and figured that goblin king would never fire off even though he is backed be another mana generator in Templar as well as being able to deny purple mana to the opponent. You only won because of gorgotha and the rest of your team was basicly useless if not for that overblown sheild of yours. Terraxis required too much mana, watcher could not counter and was under utilized, soothsayer gives magic but only if there was purple to choose from which the opponent can counter. Your team based on my analysis only won because of gorgotha and that was it.

You had a full armor and skull team against the true damage of Watcher and 75% skull reduction.

actually they had summoned goblin which if we max all troops the goblin would be level 15 and do 9 or so damage vs watcher who can’t be used fully so you get true damage and then no mana drain effect.

Goblin wouldn’t have been 15. Goblin King’s summoning is horrible. Would have summoned a level 10 at best.

@DemonicDraco come back to ussssss

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Based on his timelines I think he was waiting around for the pick then finally gave up and went to bed.

Shouldn’t we be pining for @DemonicDraco in the other thread though?