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An honest letter to the devs and players

First, I am just going to say it, I am going to say exactly how I feel in here. If you don’t like it or don’t agree then fine, but replying and calling me names or anything else will fall on deaf ears.

A little over 2 years ago I started playing a game that I instantly fell in love with. It was simple and mindless at times (back then, it was a lot less strategy on teambuilding) but you could just get lost for hours in it. Since then, and up until a couple days ago there was not a single day that I didn’t log in and play. I even dragged my PS4 on trips so I could do my daily tasks and GW or just play so I could chase all those cards I still needed

About 6 months ago things started to change. I still loved the game, but I noticed something…the dev team, along with a strong push from the publisher, started putting profits over gameplay. Now I’m all for the game making money. I am vip 10 myself and would be higher had there been more worth buying. I understand that the game I love would not exist if it was unable to financially support itself. My problem was not you wanting to make money, but how you chose to do it.

You did it at the expense of the gameplay and my experience and fun. Instead of putting a realistic value on the gems, you took away rewards to falsely try to inflate the prices. Don’t get me wrong, you did some good stuff along the way, but it was always spoiled by your greed. Example…you cave us 3x speed and that was fantastic. But then you nerfed rewards to “compensate”. Even this new content…the raids…there is a really great update in there. Damn, it has the potential to make me fall completely in love with the game again…buuuuuuutttt…greed kicked in. Now it’s an effort in futility. The rewards suck. SUCK! You know it as well as I do. The portals are completely underwhelming for the effort required. The matches take upwards of 15-20 minutes each and reward less than a couple 15 second explores. My guild finished portal 10 on Wednesday and now there is zero reason for me to play another match all week. I guess I could spend 100bucks and race for that amazing 700 gem reward. It’s a joke.

I would like to hold out hope that invasions will be better, but I think we all know that won’t be the case. I’m almost certain (for no other reason than your history) that when GW comes back the rewards will be “adjusted”.

The true balance is gameplay value for the player. If the players feel like they are getting value for their money then they will spend. Wanna know the opposite of value? Let’s look at raids…So if I want to do all content, meaning buy all levels at the store, and needed to buy the gems to do it, it would cost me around 100 bucks at my vip level with the gem bonus. That’s for 1 week of content. Now I understand that I don’t need to buy every level, but why would I play a game and only experience part of the content? Why wouldn’t you want all players to experience everything? Now let’s assume I do this…and I even win first place on the leaderboard and close all portals. Have I received even close to 100 dollars value? Let’s assume I valued the playtime at 50 dollars…which is insane for 1 week of play, but giving you the benefit. Do I believe the rewards I received are even worth 50 dollars? I think if you’re honest with yourselves you know the answer. Now, if it cost 20 bucks…that would be realistic. I would do that every single week. It’s less per week, but a whole lot more than the zero dollars you will ever get from me again.

The other part is that there is no reason GW couldn’t run at the same time…other than you don’t want us getting the rewards. The excuse that it’s too much at the same time is both insulting and ridiculous. I think we can all agree, even if some of our bosses won’t allow us to. So once again, greed over content.

You, along with your publisher should be ashamed. Not because you want to make money, but because you undervalue the very people who can make or break you. I’m sure you are talented programmers…although the bug infested crap you keep pushing would say otherwise…and I know you have the potential to have both a great and profitable game. You do have good ideas, you have potential. What you seem to lack is basic common business sense. And you seem to be a little stubborn at times, even to your own detriment. Sometimes it’s better to give the players the game they want, not the game you want. There are little things that prove this. The fact that you took the ability for players to color their names away. Your excuse is it causes coding issues…fine, then code it to be done properly. It’s something your players want, yet instead of embracing it and giving players what they want you stop it and continue to find ways to give us less value from your game.

Most of us have jobs where if we are incompetent then we get fired. Your team is incompetent. Not because you are unable to give us a good game, but because you lack the sense and foresight to understand basic concepts. Or even worse, you do understand and you don’t care. Either way, it’s incompetence. At this point you do not deserve a single dime from any of us. To my fellow players that have braved my long winded post, stop spending. Not because you hate the game, but because you love it. The only way we get the game we want is if we show them they don’t get paid until we get it. I promise you this…if the money stopped today, and you told them why, we would have a better game as early as tomorrow. The problem is everyone justifies spending because it’s just a 5 dollar gem pack, or whatever. That adds up. I’m just as guilty…or I was. Stop spending completely. Stop chasing rewards for 1 week. Rewards that are worthless anyways. Stop today and we will see change. Or don’t and we can keep getting sub par and overpriced content.

The easy answer for me is to uninstall the game and move on to one of the many other great games that give me value. But I actually still love the game…or at least the potential game that’s here. I want to look forward to logging in again, and I want to give them money to support them for their time and effort giving me a great game. I want to, but for some reason they seem to be fighting those urges at every turn. Just stop already.


The flaw in this premise is that everyone doesn’t agree on what the devs should or shouldn’t do. For example, I’m glad that they reduced Guild Wars to three times a week and apparently you aren’t. The player base is equally divided on that decision. Some people hate raids while others had fun this week. Long story short, there are very few GoW topics where the overwhelming majority of players agree. The UI change and gem nerf are a couple of the few I can remember in the recent year.


I agree,the whole point of my premise is the value of gems and gameplay. But tell me why I shouldn’t have the option to play GW every week? You could choose not to play if it’s there, but I have no options if it’s not there.

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Oh jut quit your griping, I think the change is great just needs balanced better!


Maybe go put some ideas here of what you think could make it better.


@Santandrix all you do is complain and whine in chat. I guess that’s a much better approach?

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I don’t even talk in chat anymore so thank you about that. You are entitled to you’re feelings so if you don’t like the game then just leave.

I believe the devs fix their games and definitely listen to us.


That’s really beside the point. They have already moved forward with their plans.

But, I’ll answer anyway. I’m in a guild alliance with my closest friend in the game. The guild requires that you play GW. So, I play GW. It isn’t a big deal. I’m not going to whine about it. However, I’m just being honest when I state that I’m glad GW has been reduced to three times a week.

I (and no one else as far as I know) asked the devs to reduce it. They made that decision on their own. And, I will make it known that I agree with it. I have that right just like others have the right to say they disagree.


Honestly, both of you completely missed the overall point of my post. Yes, I gave some examples, but the overarching point is the General way the game is going as far as value vs rewards.

When the initial “trial” of raid and ivasion run their course I’m positive we will get feedback and adjustments accordingly. The devs are listening just don’t expect them to respond as it is to early. I’m sure they are taking notes as we speak. Something will change when the events have completed. You’ve been here long enough to know this.


I understood your point perfectly. I only used specific examples in my post to make a point.

My overall point is that you need to have consensus for people to come together and make a statement by not making purchases. Where is the consensus?? What issues does the vast majority of players agree on?


I’m going to say something some people won’t like.

I think reducing gw to 1 in 3 weeks is a good idea by the dev, but it’s even better for the players.

I’m close to an endgame player, most of my troops are mythic at max level and I’m slowly traiting them all… my guild is ranked 223 ish and gw bracket 70 ish. Raid has given me more rewards this week than gw ever has. Considering I’m one of the stronger members of my guild we cannot reliably win gw where the rewards outshine Raid, and it would take another 10 to 15 weeks to get to our next reward bracket… if given the choice between raid and gw I would choose raid and I would tell my guild I’m not going to do both cuz that would require a lot more time than I want to commit.

Now gw have some great rewards in bracket 1, then all of bracket 2 get the same rewards, bracket 3 gets slightly less and so on. I don’t know what stage it will happen but some guilds will look at relative rewards from raid v their gw bracket and choose raid for the better rewards. Once this happens the number of guilds playing gw will decrease and so that number 1 guild spot won’t get as much competition. If this was the case the devs would be giving away gems for very little, which of course they cannot do. Rewards should not be something you just get, they need to be earned and to make the rewards justified for the effort they will be nerfed , which will probably lead to more people choosing away from gw.

By putting 1 event per week it gives a reason for all guilds to play them all because even pitiful rewards are better than nothing, this helps gw the most by allowing it to have the large reward at the top since everyone is willing to compete for it.

Guild wars requires player participation and the imbalance of rewards gives low level players little motivation to play it. Giving people a choice between competing with high end players with their vast collections if levelled and traited troops and a PvE event where asking for advice from those same players isn’t going to hurt will result in many players forgoing guild wars which will destroy it.


I do not believe raid rewards are balanced yet, but looking at the gnome release, if they made rewards to high then lowered them, people would just ask for more portals/ higher damage needed and keep the old rewards. Better to start low and increase them slowly.

Bracket 70 rewards which I will suffer for approx 10 to 15 weeks of guild wars is the equivalent to beating minions 2 minus 200 souls. My guild has just closed portal 7. Raid is giving me massive rewards compared to gw and I’m going to get them now instead of say 20 weeks when we might get to bracket 20 which gives a similar number of gems (this is ignoring all the stones, orb and keys in raid).

Okay I probably have missed something I should have said or not presented myself clearly, but I hope you all understand the meaning.

Thanks for reading


This is something that should also be addressed, imo.

My guild is usually in B2 in Guild Wars (with rare drops to B3 and even rarer appearances in B1) and the fact that the top guild in B1 gets almost 8x the rewards I do is lame. I know the devs said at one point they want to look into GW rewards more (if I’m remembering right) and I hope they do.

At the same time, knowing that what I get in B2 is 10x or more ahead of what guilds in lower brackets get is equally awkward. You should get a real reward for placing highly in your bracket, regardless of what bracket that is.

For better or worse, the bright spot for Raids is that every guild who finishes it gets all the rewards. There is no “sorry, you finished it 1,035th, no rewards for you” aspect. I do wish that the individual battles gave better rewards, though, because as has been posted elsewhere the current rewards are a joke.

Due to a busy work schedule I was only able to really start working on Raid battles on Friday and by Friday night my guild had finished the 10th portal, so I’m at the bottom of my guild’s leaderboard and have zero motivation to play my remaining battles because I get better rewards grinding explores.


End game player that expects the 1500 top reward everyweek, and I’m willing to give devs a few weeks to test some new things.

We’ll get less gems everyweek compared to the past, but we have gotten several new ways to get troops. Soulforge a mythic is now possible, and summoning stones though they need work get troops. New boss mode is like a special event key mode, and worked well with a new kingdom.


Yeah being in bracket 70 sucks gw isn’t really worth it.

Ahh I went a bit crazy and worked out that by closing portal 7 you get 205 gems worth in gems and event keys (15 each key). This is actually better rewards than what you get in gw bracket 2.

(I only used gems and event keys because I can easily work it out)

Also fully agree that the epic boss should have decent rewards for just beating the guy… it’ll help break up the tedium of beating the guy

This is where different players’ preferences come out. I’d rather have the 200 Gems from bracket 2 than “205 Gems worth” of other stuff.

However the publisher’s trend has been to progressively take away raw Gems and give “Gem value” of other stuff instead, probably in an attempt to drive up the desirability of purchasing Gems. In my opinion, until I can buy a 50-pack of Gem chests for under $5 (instead of the current $40) or a 50-pack of VIP chests for under $15 (instead of the current $130) Gems will be among the least desirable purchases in the game to me.

If someone prefers to go off of pure “Gem value” then I agree we may be getting a tiny bit more than before and if that’s their thing, that’s cool. I’d rather have Gems.


Yes, but in uninformed sick logic by drastically reducing the availability of Gems across the board they are eliminating the real value of the VIP Chest (a great $130+ motivator). Penny-wise and pound-foolish.


You’d be better off doing what I’m doing mate, leave the game. It’ll only get worse imo. The fact that you’ve piled a ton of money into it only makes you feel more obligated to play. I’ll probably be guildless and occasionally log in on certain times when an event kingdom turns up when I fancy chasing up the last couple of mythics I don’t have. I’ve burned through most of my resources getting three anu’s so I’m less likely to play once I’m broke. The gnomes were a great idea, then that got scuppered, mainly in part due to the hysteria regarding the rewards on the forum. I really wish they’d left them alone. Bad move community.gemsofwar.com, that was fun.
Raids might get better but I doubt it, it’s boring gems of destiny grindy snoozefest. Half of the time you’ve killed boss and end up waiting for the ai to kill you because it’s impossible to win with the troops you have left.
I totally agree with you on the publishers. This game has taken a huge turn for the worse since they got more involved. Why can’t people see that if you make something worth buying and cheap, you’ll make more money? Xbox guild keys for example.
The game is still fun but not in the way it used to be. I’ve played every day since it got released on the ps4, have a true end game collection but now it’s time to walk away from the race. Good luck with doing the same, there’s so many other good games out there and much better ways of spending our time.


Our 100 k plus gem members don’t use vip much, they’ve gotten lucky enough using everything but gems. I’m thinking screw vip chests and spending gems on keys.

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Maybe the devs can provide some kind of counselling for those that are thinking of leaving or are actually going. Might ease the pain for them :+1:

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