Allow purchasing of more dragonite

It would be nice to let us buy more dragonite at a time…or add different purchasable amounts at a time…60 a day for end game people that can afford it is a little stupid…adding the option to buy more can’t hurt the dev’s economy at all because we are still buying it with gems…it would be a win for the devs and the players.

FYI, Dragonite is consistently priced at 5 Gems per piece; the main issue is that it can only be purchased in quantities of 30 (via Wandering Merchant) or 60 (Boss Dungeon offer).

If we could purchase Dragonite even in quantities of 10 at a time (50 Gems each) who knows, I’d probably have the full set by now?


Why purchase more Dragonite? All the devs have to do is replace the Daemon Gnome with the Dragonite Gnome in the Epic Vault. Chaos shards are easily farmable through Delves and Faction Assaults. Meanwhile, Dragonite is easily one of the most time gated resources in the game.

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They did add more dragonite for purchase…Underspire

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Through a simple trick, you can purchase an infinite amount of all ressources in the game with one single payment:

Buy the company.


That would ruin their precious "economy "
I said it before and I’ll say it again…the devs DO NOT care about the players or their opinions.


Dragonite is gated primarily by time, not by gems or money.

Allowing players to “speed up” their progress by spending money is exactly what games like this do, and that is the basis of the economy of the game. I really don’t see why they don’t offer this option with dragonite.

Dragonite is not a time based currency. Unless i missed something and i can just get it with my hourly tribute


Firstly, you cannot get Dragonite in hourly tribute, and even if you could, getting it hourly (or daily or weekly etc) is the definition of time gated.

You are able to buy 60 dragonite per day. That is a daily allowance, irrespective of how many gems (or how much money) you are willing to spend. Its also possible to earn dragonite by getting a perfect run in the dungeon. You get 1 attempt at that every day, so that is also time gated. Its also possible to get a limited amount of dragonite from the underspire, which is also time gated, as it depends on how often underspire events occur.

Of course, dragonite also requires gems. Gems are not a time gated resource, because you can buy them with cash, or you can farm them (with event keys or treasure maps).

This means dragonite has two requirements: you need time AND gems to buy it, so it is “gated” by both. However, the time requirement generally overrides the gem requirement, which is why I said that Dragonite is “primarily” time gated.

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Some people have crafted 30+ eggs before getting a 6th dragon. I would imagine a large rng factor determining whether or not your time makes any difference at all makes it not a time gated resource. Some people only need the minimum others need the minimum x20


As I already explained, dragonite is time gated.

However, whether your dragonite gets you a unique dragon or not is hugely dependent on RNG. And when you don’t get what you want, the only way to try again is to get more dragonite, which is still time gated.

Sure, some people have had better luck with RNG than others, so RNG certainly applies to getting all the dragons, but dragonite itself is firmly time-gated.

Also, if anyone has crafted 30+ dragon eggs without getting all 6 dragons, they have been extremely unlucky, and if that happens more than probability would suggest, I would suspect something is going wrong, probably a bug with the RNG.

Try rolling 30 dice, or 1 die 30 times and count how many of each number you get. RNG will mean you don’t get the expected 5 of each, but the chances of getting zero of any of them is very small. Assuming, of course, that the RNG isn’t bugged.

“Some people only need the minimum others need the minimum x20”

That would be 120 attempts. Try rolling 120 dice.

I have a guild mate that got his 6th dragon on #38. Theres also a thread h3re on the forums with at least 2 people who went over 30

I’ve been tracking this to the best of everyone who posts any relevant data via forums, to which result people have typically acquired a full set of Dragonite after ~13 eggs (compared to a statistical average of ~15 eggs). We also have a singular unlucky outlier in WishKiller who reported needing nearly 40 eggs for the full set (but they have not reported which specific dragons ever, so I am otherwise excluding their data from further analysis).

I myself have only 4 dragons after 8 eggs, which is already below average (expected value is 5.7 eggs).

In theory you can “farm-buy” dragonite from merchants. But that, like dungeon, has an rng factor.

All other sources are definitely time gated. Underspire is once a week, guild event too, buying and/or winning from dungeon is once per day (with added rng for dungeon).

If it was resource or money gated you could just buy as much as you wanted/have the means to afford without any time or rng restrictions/requirements.

For reference, these are the substantial sources of dragonite that I know about:

12 dragonite per day from dungeon battles (120 dragonite per perfect run at depth 20; chance of a perfect run is 10%)

60 dragonite per day from dungeon purchase (300 gems)

~4 dragonite per day from merchant offers during delves (30 dragonite for 150 gems) (3 delves * 8 nonboss battles * 15% encounter chance * 40% of encounters are merchants * 10% as a guess of chance that dragonite is offered based on the number of distinct merchant offers)

50 or 100 dragonite per week from underspire (requires substantial gem investment, perhaps about 1000 gems, decreasing slightly as we better understand underspire generation and strategies)

?? dragonite per hour of grinding E1/paloozas during vault weekend (merchants, gnomes, keys)

when it comes to underspire, im able to complete it with 550 or 650 gems, and buying a lantern pack, so 750-850 per week is reasonable for underspire, unless you get REALLY unlucky