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Alderfather troop change

Topic discussion already exists, and I’ve mentioned it in the spoilers thread as well.

Maybe the devs won’t take action unless its a “Feature Request” ?

There’s no reason why Alderfather should have the same mana colors, mana cost, and effect as an existing troop. Gems of War doesn’t need duplicate troops with the exact same features yet.

I’d like to see Alderfather changed:

  1. From Green/Purple to Blue/Purple. While Blue/Purple is an overly common Elemental/Fey color, the Blue/Purple typing will work better in the current faction its tied to.

If Alderfather is changed to Blue/Purple, Redthorn can take over Alderfather’s old Green/Purple typing to keep the faction functionally the same with just a minor role reversal.

Blue has not received a real representation in the unconditional 2 color converter troops category yet. This could be its first one. (Bastite Priestess has a condition attached to it)

  1. Change the spell from Yellow to Skulls to Brown to Skulls

Brown to Skulls also has not seen any representation in the 2 color converter troops and would still fit the theme of this faction (which is not removing Green or Purple from conversions). With this change, it’ll still be a different troop despite having similar effects to a previous troop.

With these 2 changes, the troop will change from a clone to an unique well needed addition to the 2 color converter library.



I thought every purple/green troop released recently is Required to transform yellow Mana to skulls?


The devs could also take the other direction and change Nimue if they think it’s easier to do, but i support your suggestions.

For a group of four troops supposed to have great sinergy as it was advertised i feel “cheated” considering many factors that seems like they weren’t properly tested.