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AI Wins a ffix is in

Due to the Tidal affix, it’s impossible for me to win this match now. Despite having full life and armor.
Against a level 500 summoner, that gives life and armor to it’s self and allies that’s able to summon 3 troops in the 4th position… I’m flat out saying it’s impossible even with skull damage.

Thanks for the brilliant design. :+1:


Yep, bad break hitting that tidal affix room if your team was based around Tesla.

I use mountain crusher ,king irongutx2 , Zuul. Zuul wipes out last troop and irongut devours rest. Titan class. Its fast and works great for me. Only on level 350 though

You know you can see the rooms before you pick your team, right? Maybe don’t bring a team based on whole-team damage to a fight with tidal. This is a silly complaint.

But that said, consider yourself lucky you didn’t have Tangled Path AND Drowned Grotto… tidal + tangle would be absolute balls.


That’s why Yasmines pride and ketras are king of the hill

Oh but I did have Tidal and Tangle against me.
But tangle didn’t matter in that scenario.

I appreciate your advice about checking every single room before a delve.
I’d be shocked if anyone in the top 100 finds the time or chooses to do it.

I spent potions to use a fast team. Nothing is faster than AoE damage. Which is exactly why Tidal exists in the first place. To slow folks down. Because the brilliant devs have less and less time to play, so they think those who still play have more and more time.
Tidal was day 1 bull shit that is nothing new. But finally screwed me out of more than just time.

Oh hey another thread you’d happily reply “learn to check the rooms and build an appropriate team” to if anyone else made it, cool. Keep blaming the devs every time you lose!


You don’t need to check every room my dude. There is a single non-treasure V room on this map. It takes 1 extra tap to see if it’s the grotto or not. Far less time than it took you to make this thread complaining about it :wink:

Edit to add: I generally find your feedback and insight in the game valuable and accurate. But this isn’t a good look. You sound like a level 800 player who just had bulette reorder his mang to the back for the first time. Get over it.

You bought all those sigils so your team could win quickly. If you completed the tidal room anyway, and realized your mistake, you could just retreat and start the next map. It’s not like you’ll run out of gems. Use your time wisely, don’t complain about your own mistake. It makes you look even more foolish.


I run only 2 teslas with Tina for occasions like this. Two teslas up front because who cares if they die — just slows you down a bit, if so. Shield of Urskaya in 3rd slot :man_shrugging:

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Your advice was for me to check the rooms to decide on a team.
I was commenting on that.
In this weekend alone. I’ve probably ran into the Tidal room at least 20 times.
Completed the delve with no issue.

It was this one case… Which one case is all it takes for me to think about how much bull shit delve traits are.
If tidal didn’t exist as an affix. I would of had a chance of winning the last boss room.
But because it does exist. I had zero chances.

My feedback, is, and always has been… What I like about the game. And what I don’t. If you don’t agree with my feedback then so be it.
I don’t remember asking your advice about my feedback that then turned into your self appraisal of my thoughts.

Of which GoW related activity do you suggest my time by spent to so “wisely”.
Playing a certain aspect that I don’t like?
Or giving the honest and raw feedback about an aspect I don’t like?
Or arguing about someone’s feedback about my feedback?

Sorry if I’m the first one to tell you this unfortunate truth boys and girls. But regardless of if your time is spent here or in game…good franking luck trying to justify it as “a wise use of your time.” :man_shrugging:

The bottom line is.
If the troop or troops should have the Tidal trait then they should be programmed that way.
So either the Tidal delve Trait is a shitty unnecessary entity for Factions.
Or the design of the matches for Factions are so shitty that extra traits are needed for the defense to offer a challenge to the player.

Either way :poop: design.

Just because it takes me 2 years to notice or even speak out about it. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t been :poop: this whole time.

Definitely complaining on the forums. Last I checked, there were … 100 people on the leaderboard, all dealing with the same challenges that you are.

Then what IS the purpose of posting on the forums???

I know you’re not here to look for advice, but you DID post to the forum to complain, so here is the price you pay:

Next time you use Tesla in a delve, bring a hero with the Guardian talent tree at level 70+ and use Banishment to remove submerge. No need to check any rooms beforehand. EZ-PZ


So because I complained. I’m therefore asking for unsolicited advice?
How does your team help when I clearly had one troop left?

Look Beeflog. Just because you think my post is that of which a level 800 would make…

I don’t need YOU to attempt to educate me about Gems of War. Trust me.
Never did I say in the OP how I did something wrong. Never did I say hey, any advice on how to make the impossible possible?

Your desire to make it my fault for putting myself in the position of having one troop left against the boss defense is noted.
But to be fair… shouldn’t you give me credit for the 400 battles I’ve won with the exact same team since the FA started?

Or does that mean I get to give you unsolicited advice instead? Since you are on the forums dishing it out?

And you’re deeply mistaken. Anyone facing the boss room at level 500 can be put in the same exact frustration as me if facing tidal and you only have 1 troop left that does AOE damage.
It’s not exclusive to the top 100. At all.

Do you really have to ask?

You were talking earlier about how to wisely spend your time. For me, this is a game that I enjoy. Sometimes I take a break from playing to read the forums and make fun of people who are being stupid. That’s fun too. Only you can decide how best to spend your time to get the most enjoyment from your effort.

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Submerge doesn’t stay forever, so there’s a chance.

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the only room that gives tidal affix the legendary one, which is NOT in the path to the mythic room? Even if scouting ahead is too much work, you could just skip the room that makes your mostly Tesla team ineffectual.

Not everything is “brilliant design” all the time.


I talked about it. Because you brought it up. Jesus dude… Really. 🤦

As true now as it was then.

It kicks in every time a troop casts. The only way to remove it IN THE CONTEXT OF THE OP. Is to let the AI do skull damage.

I never said otherwise. But the more rooms you clear… The more points you score… The higher up the LB you go…

I did not learn about Tidal today. I only figured out why it’s bull shit… Today.

Lol… Therefore never point out when it’s not? I don’t understand the sentiment of that thought.