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Ai is broken and 4x

Well, I think the devs need to look into the AI and please fix the cascades, especially on 4x speed, I know for a fact 100%, non of you play on 4x speed everyday. So please look into the god dang Ai, because where the heck is their combo breaker!!! That eventually stops them from a “infinite loop” which us, PLAYERS have one, and Most cases… Barely can get a cascade going.

It’s so bad at a point for me right now. I’ve literally, (Not joking) have thrown mab in all my teams that I use. Shit, Gw included.

Oh yeah, Gw is a complete trash, As all you do is see the same teams every fight anyways. I think it’s worse than when you could run the same things every day.


And this is why, kids, you should never drink as an adolescent.


Kids? Good one. I don’t even drink. :slight_smile: Also, 10 am my friend. Maybe should grow up a bit :smiley:

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Firstly, 11pm for me.

Secondly and more importantly, you’re entire rant makes no sense. Hence me warning the general ‘younger public’ (kids), that if you drink as an adolescent, your brain turns to mush.


Again, not a “kid” here that “drinks” :smiley: Obv you don’t understand the grind my friend. Sorry

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Omg wow… nvm


I think he’s playing a different game than the rest of us. Because, you know, I get plenty of cascades (as my rising number of treasure maps shows), I see a lot of different teams in GW, I also am not crazy enough to put Mab on all my teams in GW (since I like color bonuses) and actually just removed her from my main PVP team. And that despite playing on 4x speed all the time.

Oh, and to answer the question in the title regarding what a topic is:


  1. A subject of conversation or discussion.
  2. The subject or theme of a discourse or of one of its parts.
  3. A general field of considerations from which arguments can be drawn.
  4. The part of a sentence that announces the item about which the rest of the sentence communicates information, often signaled by initial position in the sentence or by a grammatical marker.

Sheba what level are you? :smiley:

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You always know when your opposition can no longer bluff their way through a win. They pull out the ‘Newb’ card.


I have about 6k maps :smiley:

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I can understand the rant. The AI gets loops and cascades while I, frankly, do not.
It happened to me to cast Lady Anariel nine times in one battle, and she didn’t loop once. Everybody died, of course.


This happens to me like 9/10 times.

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To me too but that was ridiculous. The whole board was green-and-blue.

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have you tried a Valk justice mab team? Man it’s pretty broken, you won’t be able to barely connect the justice casts. then when you face that team, you get wippppped and one shot.


Mate, seriously. Stop lol…

You’re saying you lose 90% of your battles now? IMO, replace the topic, edit the first post to “Sorry I thought I was texting a friend”, and move on!


Yes, I have. Have you tried to use Fizzbang?

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Nope, not since it was put into game. and nerfed.

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Bro, when I face those looping, meta, draining, “annoying” teams. Literally 9-10 they get a cascade with no combo breakers, when they get their first extra turn, there is usually 3-5 more extra turns for the Ai, before they start casting. or whatever

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I tried because in defense she explodes almost every time. Nope, not working.
On the other hand Kraken and Kerberos are more or less the same in attack and defense.

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When you VS fizz, they always explode, and Nobend.

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