AI getting too many drops on console, still?

I had an almost identical battle a couple weeks ago on mobile, a half hour battle against Celestastia. Does this happen to be Whitehelm/Divine week on console?


I also had a similar match in GW today against Celestasia. She kept getting barrier. I even had her down to 5 health and she powered back to over 100.

I’m waiting on those actual stats. Do you have a link to them someplace?


If you’ve tracked everything, how many skydrops have you had resulting in extra turns for you compared to the AI, which colours were they, were they horizontal or vertical, and how many of those had board manipulation (colour removal, transforms, or explorers) before that for you and the AI? If you truly have useful data, please share it, so we can understand exactly what is happening that is so odd.

I’m certain that if your level 1k+ that is hyperbole about “never surge”. But have you considered that in PvP you might see Famine from time to time? Famine’s first trait is JINX “Halve enemy (read yours) Gem masteries”.

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The only time the Ai ever ‘cheats’ it does so in favour of the player at lower difficulty levels. There was a thread in March found here where our console developers ran numerous tests to determine if the AI was luckier than the player. The thread itself is a bit long and unwieldy so I’ve gone through and found all the relevant examples of this. Feel free to give it a read yourself if you have the time and inclination.

Normal Difficulty


oh no!!! some facts! the internet worst enemy!


Nice link, but you’re assuming they care about proof compared to opinion. Back to your throne :wink:


What was it before you changed it?

When will the players stop insulting the Devs’ intelligence or something as such.

I was expecting to read some well thought-out post defending the devs’ stance on something and got the complete opposite.

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Heh thats what it was originally

I think originally I saw it as the opposite, something like “When will the devs stop insulting the players intelligence”


Yeah that sounds more like what it should have been. Someone definitely changed it. This sounds like a case for Sherlock Holmes.


One good thing came from this thread though. It caused @HKdirewolf to make an appearance :blush:


If only you could tell Ogunther to come back, we could get the band back together.


I like these stats aside that I don’t agree with the conditions (no trait, why? lvl 15, why? same troops, why?). There is a huge biais which is the troops.

Is it not possible to simulate only gem drops and see how much cascade AI or humans have? And do it on PC/mobile and console separately to compare?

Sure, it’s possible, but frankly, if people aren’t going to believe the devs saying “the same method is used to replace holes in the board, no matter who made the holes” then they won’t believe the dev stats, either. The only “remedy,” as it were, would be data collection by an unbiased party. (Though, as usual, I’m baffled as to what possible motivation the devs would have for deliberately frustrating the player base and then denying it when questioned.)


That’s what I thought too. As amf that’s what made me come back to it after I was finished tending to my daughter. And when I got back the title was changed.

Not much point in testing it separately on PC/Mobile and console when we are moving over to the console AI in the near future.


I play on both. Seems the console ai acts even dumber than the pc ai, if that’s possible

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