Hey adventurers,

We have some news regarding the bug affecting the AI triggering skulls twice.

Our team has found a fix for this issue, and we are in the process of testing it. Unfortunately this fix will require a client update, which also means doing new builds. This will take a few days, and then will need to pass certification on each of our available platforms.

At this point in time we are confident that the fix will be released next week. We will also be sending out compensation for this issue after the fix has been released.

We have also updated our Known Issues Article on this bug if you want to Follow for further updates.

Thank you for reporting this issue and providing our team with useful data that helped us investigate, identify, and fix this bug.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:


Thanks for the info @Jeto … Hoping for the fix asap. Please do explain what might have caused this. Also why it affected only the AI and not the human players!

I am disappointed this bug got missed.


Thank you for all the communication surrounding this! This transparency has been absolutely awesome. :partying_face:


Might be worth pointing out that lowering the speed is a temporary fix.


This issue is quite inconsistent across devices, and seems to be affecting those that have older devices in regards to speed. This was likely missed due to the devices that we used for testing, and this also wasn’t picked up by our beta players. We are terribly sorry for missing this, and are doing everything in our power to get our builds made, certification passed, and update released as quickly as possible.

We have some ideas on what may have caused this and have addressed them in the fix. We have tested the fix and it all seems to be working as intended.


What about the people who want to make a pure run next tuesdays delve event? Its although without this bug pure (time) stress and now so much harder up to impossible.

Solution cant be to wait another 34 weeks, spend millions of treasure gold or lower game speed (this event is with only one day for 50 stages already too big without the bug)!

Can you lower the opponents or raise the players stats?


We are hoping for it to be out before Tuesday, but it depends on certification and we will do our best.
We won’t be altering stats at this point, as it a major change and we would rather fix this bug instead of changing things, fixing it, then changing them back.

It’s inconvenient to play at lower speeds, but we recommend doing so until the fix is released.


Most people’s devices suddenly aged after 5.6 release :astonished:


Yes, need a PS6 like it seems.

Double skull hit actually, if it was only double skull damage my barrier would work though.

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(here’s the ADHD brain in me wishing they would add a 8x mode… 4x feels so slow, but playing slower? put me on a torture rack!)

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4X seems fine, the problem is before the battle all the special effects takes a while(barrier,bless,etc)


Will the compensation be scaled for those of us who are in competition for top 3 In the event? This glitch has resulted in close to 2 dozen battle losses for me. That’s 2 dozen event sigils wasted. Essentially 500 gems or $40.

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I don’t mind those. It’s the ungodly amount of time the AI can spend getting endless extra turns & gem matches that drives me nuts.

When I spend 1 sec on a turn / casting spell, and the AI then spends 10-20 secs doing it’s turn before I get to spend 1 sec on my turn again, I really end up wondering why I am still bothering, because I wanted to play the game, not watch the game play itself.


True, I use to avoid all teams who loops but sometimes the CPU get a lot of turns.

Do you have any idea how disruptive this is? Double skull damage makes certain game modes impossible to play (e.g. Delves), but playing the game at 1x speed is unbearable. So basically, your game is unplayable for several days? How is that OK? Why can’t you just roll-back your broken patch?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S21+ and still had the double skull issue in the arena. :person_shrugging:

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@urofan unfortunately it isn’t that easy. Server rollbacks can be done one our end, but update rollbacks mean we have to be in contact with each platform. It would likely take as long as releasing a fix, and we would rather focus on releasing the fix we have already found and tested.

We will be sending out global compensation for this issue once the fix is released, and it will be the same for each player.

As @Jeto mentioned earlier, we are doing everything in our power to have this out before the Delve event on Tuesday. If all goes according to plan it will be out prior, but it is dependant on the certification process.


Would it be an option to lower the reward thresholds for the world event this week? As much as I know that’s a server side setting that can be changed any time. I believe it would help guilds quite a bit to cope with the vastly increased difficulty level.


This is really sad, I reported many bugs such as Sudden looping crashes which is still for months not fixed and now this.
I supported this game with many purchases but we are suffering from these bugs one after another.
I hope you guys test before you release new updates with huge bugs.
Double skulls mean you can’t use barrier and game can’t function especially in high competition battles such as delves or high level events.