AETHEREAL is Recruiting!

Guild Wars Bracket 19 looking for daily GW players to round out our numbers.
Low trophy and gold contribution of 20/ 20,000! Level 100+ plz.
Come and fun and kick butt with us!

Hey Dasha… This is GJ RAM… i accidently quit the guild and im not able to find the guild now :frowning:

can you please add me back? My invite code is GJ RAM

there is a space after RAM

Hiya Ram! Glad to hear from you. hsuku is not online much as right now he is being located by the Red Cross, his house burned down in one of the fires :frowning: and he is the only one who can kick and the guild is full. I was able to go in and change from automatic to invite only, so if someone leaves on their own before he kicks, I can invite you. So it may be a bit of a waiting game, sorry. Also is your name like this GJspaceRAMspace ?

Blessings, Dasha

Hey Dasha,

Thanks for replying!! Damn i thought i lost u guys!! Glad i got u :slight_smile:

Yes my invite code is GJspaceRAMspace

I shall wait and not joing any guild. pass on the info to Hsuku as early as possible!

Thanks a ton!

hsuku and back and made space on the roster, but he and I have tried and we can’t find you!!! We type in GJspaceRAMspace and it doesn’t work. Suggestions???

Trying to find you, there is space now, but GJspaceRAMspace isn’t working

Have you tried this code instead?

Doesn’t work bud. Pretty sure he’s just going by his GoW name and not checking settings to see his actual invite code.
All new players for at least a year have a random 4 digits attached to their GoW name that is their invite code.

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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Make sure the invite code is correct. :grinning:
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:laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :+1: I agree that newer player accounts all have the random 4 digits, this is just in case GJRAM isn’t new, and it actually is the right code, extra space and all (GJ RAM ) :man_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue:.

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His invite code is a valid and working code in the data files. I have no idea why the game is not recognizing it as such. Anyways, it might be a moot point now as he/she has joined another guild since posting here.


Hello there.
I made mistake and quit the guild.
Could you invite me, i can’t found the guild.
invite code : IN.MEMORIAM666

Sent inv. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thks but it didn’t work O_o
i validate your invitation but
the game told me that i can’t join the guild without invitation…

----- Mail original -----

Strange I’ll try again

Sorry It didn’t work. I don’t know why. I contact the support.

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