(Resolved) Unable to invite players to guild

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Whenever I try to invite a player to our Guild I get the message “Does not exist”
This happens every time I want to invite a player since the last update.
We tried to invite the players though other guildmembers but most of them encountered the same problem.
For now there is only one guild member out of 26 who seems to be able to invite players.

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I have had this happen a bunch of times, most of the time backing out of the guild window and going back in makes it work. Sometimes it takes a few tries. Rather annoying bug, that I have not reported yet, so thanks for doing it :slight_smile:

First, exit all the way to the map screen. Then go back to the guild invite menu and try one of these things:

  1. If you previously typed in the invite code by hand, copy+paste it from an outside document
  2. If you previously copy+pasted it, type it by hand

I have encountered (and reported) spurious “Does not exist” errors before. I’ve had the above process work to convince the game that the player does, in fact, exist.

  • Type in the invite code…
  • if it says it doesn’t exist then copy it
  • exit that screen
  • select invite again and paste the code

You’re welcome :grinning:

Tried this and doesn’t work :frowning_face:

Tried this too and doesn’t work either. :tired_face:

Other things I’ve tried:
Exit the game and restart it: no effect
Exit the game and restart PC: no effect
Closed the internet connection and reopened it: no effect

The stupid thing just won’t work properly :face_with_thermometer: :weary: :sob:

If my way didn’t work… Then the code isn’t correct. Or the code it’s self is bugged.
The devs will tell you to make sure the invitee is online when you send them an invite.

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The code was good since a member of our guild managed to invite him after all. It took him several tries as well but in the end he was succes full.
Anyway the invitething is struggling with a bug.

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Hey there, we’ve been tracking this issue for a little while but it happens off/on as you can see :frowning:

If it happens again please send Kafka or I the invite code and we can check for an issue. If you don’t mind doing that no that would be fab - sometimes there are weird things going on in the invite code that can cause problems.

Here’s a list of consolidated list of things to try if it happens again:

  1. Ensure the person you are inviting is online
  2. Close/reopen the game
  3. Exit the invite menu to the World Map and try again
  4. If you previously typed in the invite code by hand, copy+paste it from an outside document
  5. If you previously copy+pasted it, type it by hand
  6. Invite players from their profile to your Guild
  7. Have another Guild member invite the player
  8. Send support the invite code of the person you are trying to invite

Thanks everyone and happy birth/cake day @WWDiver!

Thanks but my birthday is still a bit in the future you know… About 4 months…. :slight_smile:

As for the issue: the first 7 points we, as in several members of our guild, have tried all of those things.

What I did try was writing my own invite code in the box and even then I got the message “does not exist”
So now try to explain that… I’m sure I exist… :wink:

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Your forum name showed your cake day, it must have been your forum anniversary.

I understand the “does not exist” error is not correct. Sometimes those workrounds help others but I’m sorry they didn’t work for you.

please reach out (#8) to support again if you encounter this again with the invite code in question so we can help

This issue should be fixed in the next update thanks to @Alpheon :confetti_ball:

So as not to create another topic, I found this one and was wondering if someone could answer this question:

How does another guildie invite a new player to the guild?

On my main Guild screen I have a tab that says “Guild Admin” where it lets me invite players. My guildies only have a “leave” tab. So, where do they go to invite members in?

You need to promote them to a rank where they can see guild admin like you can.

I thought the same thing at first but according to the levels, it says Legionnaires and above should be able to “invite players” and both members are Commanders which is a promotion above Legionnaire.


@Elarcadia My “Guild Admin” button takes me to a screen with multiple tabs. The default one says “Manage”, and offers me the options to “Leave” or “Disband” (the latter presumably is only available to guild leaders). The next tab over reads “Manage”, and has a big button to “Invite”. Is this what your guild mates see?

I’ll have to check it out to know for sure but…

But at rank 4 players can invite people when they see a profile.
At rank 2 they can see the admin side and invite based on codes.

Ohhh I see. Very tricky wording going on there.

Thank you!!

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No, my guild mates (who are both at level 3) only have a “leave” tab where we see the “guild admin” tab. I had no idea until earlier today. I had two recruits who kept telling me they weren’t getting my invites, so I asked another member to try and that is when this was all discovered.

I have sent through a support request, so hopefully they can fix it soon. So many bug issues still when it comes to guilds unfortunately :(. I still can’t use the guild chat feature, I haven’t been able to use it since May of last year.

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