Adventure board/game reset

Happening again ! Several of players in my guild including myself are getting kicked out of game when doing adventure board…This issue was mentioned in bug fixes in latest update…To be fair problem did seem to be fixed but last few days it has started to re occur…

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I have a Bug Report for it that has never been responded to by anyone. Not a Reported or Investigating, or anything. It has never been fixed on Xbox at least and today it happened to me after the 2nd battle AND the 5th battle. Sorry it is happening to those in your Guild as well

I filed my first ticket for this issue in 2021. It comes and goes, but never truly gets fixed.

I totally feel your frustration with those adventure board glitches! It’s super annoying when things seem fixed, and then they pop up again. Tech gremlins, I guess! :sweat_smile:
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If you’re still having this issue can you please explain it in more detail?
As we’ll need to look into it further.

For me personally today I was going through the adventure board.

And I had 2 game restarts, because the game was out of sync it said.

Hasn’t happened for a long time.

Could you let me know your invite code? I’ll take a look to see what I can find.

Yes adventure board after I win a fight then says this.

2 days running, not a personal issue.
Doesn’t annoy me to much.

But it’s been a while since this happened.

Now 2 days in a row.

Ps. Yep I’m Xbox too

For the first time ever, I encountered the out of sync error this morning after winning the second battle of the traitstones adventure. Before then, I completed both deed adventures without issue, doing the adventures from right to left. I’m on Xbox as well.

@Kafka if it helps, my invite code is: MADDHURRICANE_MADD

I also got it just now on the second battle of the epic deeds adventure. Xbox one.

Same happened to me today too for the first time ever. Also Adventure Board after battle 2. Also Xbox …