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Adding Tetrix-styled Tactic into gameplay

One of the more frustrating elements that makes the players want to grind their teeth is the occasional ridiculous cascade, making the game more prone to luck-based than tactical-based.

Anyone played Tetrix before? It has a feature where it informs the player of the next incoming block.

Could we have similar feature in this game?
An indication bar that shows perhaps the next 3 gems, dropping from left-to-right order.
You could even incorporate this into Game Difficulty. IE: Regular mode = 3 gems preview, Hard mode = 2 gems… etc.

I believe this would certainly add Tactical element into this game.

IE: Some players might not enjoy this type of additional distraction, so maybe the feature can be a toggle-able option.


I was just thinking this the other day. Or like Dr. Mario. Lol
But how would you account for troops that can clear a board?

It’s random. Rng.
So this is impossible.

Here was my take on it. I still think this would be a really neat beneficial status effect.