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Add Chaos Shards to the Raid Boss/Invasion Events

Devs added Legendary ingots as a carrot so tiers 3, 4 and 5 became much more interesting to buy.
But now with Delve, we have another ressource to get these Legendary ingots…
So these Legendary ingots are not that much interesting now, so I guess we need another carrot.
Why not replacing the ingots by Chaos Shards?

And related to this feature request, could some Chaos Shards be added to the Event rewards? As we are destroying Portals, it should be normal to get some shards from these portals :wink: .


I don’t think the raid/invasion shop should be changed, but I do agree that thematically the raid portals should drop some amount of Chaos Shards. Invasions is way superior right now compared to Raids. It would give a decent amount of appeal to Raids that is currently lacking compared to invasions.

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I love the idea of shards dropping everwhere, lol, but that’s just me being greedy!


By the way, in all my listening, you never once mispronounced, “Eeeeeeeeeeep!” :rofl:

I would be very much against adding shards to raids/invasion tiers. Quite simply unless you have loads and loads of gems from historical play before nerfs, you are going to struggle. It is delve that needs a shard boost, the rewards are too low for the effort and victories obtained.

Now, I can choose to say stay at tier 3 with invasions/raids after having a calamitous megavore attempt and get my ingots from delve. I am sure low level players, mid gamers and even high end players are having to manage their gem use and adding even more (don’t forget even more shops have materialised in 4.0), is making it all the more harder to maintain any sort of gem equilibrium.