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Add a new craftable weapon like dawnbringer that requires 5K maps to build

It could be treasurebringer, which does damage based on gold or something and adds gold.

I’m sure there’s a better idea, but a craftable weapon to use up maps would be cool.


At this point, id be happy with anything worth spending maps on. A weapon could be a good idea.


I would prefer not to have to do maps at all. I skip the “event points” on the weeks it requires 2500 turns of treasure map.


I hate those events with a passion! images (1)


Sounds like you guys should open up a separate feature request for that. I’m trying to have something to spend maps on other than map events. I used to enjoy maps, but it’s not worth the time for the rewards vs just more PvP.


How about a Raid mode entry fee per day is 5 maps if you lose retry the costbis now 10 and so on. Kinda like dungeons but only get shards like 50 of them a day.

I never do the Treasure Hunt apart from if it’s that week’s Event.

I have so many maps from match cascades, using Tyri etc, that I wouldn’t run out in a month of Hunts!

So when it’s the Event, I just go in, start a Treasure Hunt, blitz through the moves as fast as possible, not giving a damn about matching 4s or 5s until I run out of moves, then repeat and repeat and repeat…

It’s tedious, but it’s the fastest way of completing the Event.


Treasure hunt is pain. Unlike explore, it takes too long. And when you end it, it doesn’t worth the time and effort.

I wish we could be able to convert maps into gems or glory. Like, if you play treasure hunt yourself, you get 10 glory for each map. But if you chose to convert it to glory, you get only 2 or 3.


The vaults in treasure hunt need to contain guaranteed gems imo. I saw one guy on youtube ended with a ridiculous 20 vaults or something (took him 3 hours) and all he got was 6 gems. Pathetic. Where is the incentive to do well in treasure hunt?


I would trade a map for a gold key at this point.

I love treasure hunt. Can’t do it anymore because of the particles and semi-transparent background, but dang, I wish I could. It’s such a nice, relaxing thing to do, with no enemies or numbers to care about. No waiting for the enemy’s turn to stop. Just play and zone out. Total meditation. I have a team just for making me more treasure maps. You guys are weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


Total zen. Until it yells “Extra Turn!!” XD

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Do you really play with the ingame music and sound on? I usually just had some instrumental meditation music on.:blush:

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I like the plinking mbira’ish sounds of treasure hunt. No music, though :wink:

Too bad the “extra turn” yelling kills the chill

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I used to like it way back when I started the game and played on 1x speed, actually. With 4x speed, it’s too much for me, total sensory overload. Heck, I used to like the music, too, but I just heard it too often.

I miss the old treasure hunt… not just is it visually unplayable for me right now, but that red/green arrow when gaining or losing turns is also very distracting from the zen. I do like that there’s an indicator, but it’s really annoying. Ah well, hope there will be a fix for the background and particles soon. I have saved up 300 maps now and want to use them…

If it’s a new Dawnbringer-like weapon, it needs to be balanced specifically for Arena.

So it should be like:

“Totally Fair”

Red-Brown-Blue-Yellow-Purple 4 Mana

“Deal 50 damage to each enemy troop, explode 64 gems, enchant and give barrier to all allied troops. Gain 40 souls, 100 gold, 10 maps, 50 gold keys, and take an extra turn”.

I’d also be happy with:


Blue-Red-Yellow 20 mana

“If a weapon named “Dawnbringer” is equipped on the opponent’s team, deal 18 damage to each enemy troop, boosted by the number of days a thread named “Dawnbringer Unbalances Arena” has been open with no dev response in the forums. Otherwise each ally gains barrier.”


Craft 10 maps into a glory key would be cool. Anything really at this point.

Me too.

And rewards are great if you just know how to play. A vault is certain to have valuable stuff in it. Gems, glory or keys. Unlike legendary tasks, that can give you a 50th Celestasia, 6 arcanes and 6 runics = nothing for 1M gold. PvP is boring lottery with weak rewards. Treasure hunt is meditation with huge rewards. [/bait]

Weird people is weird.


It would be nice to have a mini game where you could craft runes of your choice in the fashion of crafting spells in puzzle quest 1. Difficulty would be based on rarity of the rune. Cost to play is treasure maps. 10 maps for arcane attempt?


I don’t think the real problem with treasure maps is the gameplay. It is calming, away from the “grief” teams. It’s just the efficiency of our time. If the rewards were on par with PvP and you could get a trophy along with the arcane every 15 matches, it might be a more attractive proposition.

The last maps event was the first one since events started that I didn’t complete. I will complete the next one though, because I have a steam achievement to get, my last one.