Adana Rework

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Adana Rework Tonight at weekly reset Adana will celebrate a Kingdom Rework, read more about it below… To celebrate Adana rework, we will be running a Kingdom Pass for Adana. Adana Troop Reworks Bombot Changed Aflame trait to new trait – Unstable Core Sentry Bot Spell has been reworked, it will now Cleanse all other…

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Buffed Nutcrkr-1225
Buffed Tesla
Buffed Clockwork Sphinx

I thought they were very strong already, but very nice

That’s a light nerf. Unstable Core does nothing while the troop is alive and… it doesn’t do anything when a troop dies either. Spawning Bomb Gems is kinda pointless on its own. Where as Armor gain for TINA-9000’s 3rd trait or Spell Block’s 50% reduction was more noticeable, even if incremental.

Ace of Runes giving 4 flat armor to a troop runs into the Ace of Wands problem of being god awful. … Why is it 4?

Bork-3000 is a nice addition though.


I happen to run Clockwork Sphinx and DRACOS 1337 in my teams often, so that will be welcome news to receive (whenever it reaches Switch).

This is actually a significant change to Royal Engineer – no longer completely broken OP in Arena runs.

Bombot is no longer such an annoyance in Gnome Vault runs (stop burning off my Barriers already, I need them to block Charm damage!).

Clockwork Knight is now a generally better converter in player teams (fixed color convertors > random convertors).

ROVER-300 doing DPS is new, previously it was a Yellow Generator.

Tesla’s DPS gets buffed by 33% (all damage is via Boost Ratio / impossible to Web) and that’s a much better Legendary Trait.

I dunno. At least it gives Ace of Wands company?

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Uh… he still give all allies armor at his abnormally high rate. It just has more bonus effects…

I mean unless clogging the entire board with bomb gems is an upside, then maybe.

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i clogged an entire board with bomb gems once.

plumber wouldn’t go near it.


this is great!

because the chance of getting any tarot cards to drop in vault is minimal, so flooding the vault with tarot card means you won’t be able to get any new ones!

see? great!*

*for incredibly broad values of great.


5 Battlecrashers after 17 battles, 10 after 47 battles.

Seemed faster than the old system, so that’s nice.


The Unstable Core talent is actually a huge downgrade, due to how that particular game mechanic works. The real reason why we aren’t getting any refund opportunity isn’t perceived sideway changes though, is it? It’s because the refund functionality is too outdated to ever be used again, it doesn’t refund elite levels and wouldn’t even know how to refund them without a major rework. Are there any plans to fix that?


5 after 19 battles
10 after 39 battles.

This is a positive change, not having them get rarer.

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A question:

I found 3 battlecrashers while doing epic trials BUT I only won one battle, I lost 2. Now I have 2 crowns, and the counter is at 3/10.
Under the old system, if a player lost a battle, we got another battlecrasher until we killed 10 for the day. What happens now, when the battle with a battlecrasher is lost? How many more battlecrashers will appear for me today? 9 or 7?
(yes, I bought kingdom pass levels for gems, that’s why it shows lvl 9, not lvl 1).
@Kafka @Jeto @Bramble ?


Can you, pretty please, stop flooding the board with gems that can only be exploded?
Not all teams have exploders aboard.


Thars what doomskulls are for. Should they also remove yellow gems if i dont like building teams with yellow?

A secret fix is out; the game threw an error, said “retry”, and after the game reloaded - the counter is still called “encounters”, but now counts BCs killed, not just encountered.
Thank you, whoever is responsible for this fix.

Yeah, this is terrible. I got all 10 battle crashers attempting the trials and only won 2. I was also leaving the battles as soon as I lost a troop or didn’t kill the tankbot with my first pantha cast to avoid wasting time, which I would not have done had I known this. In fact, I would have done the trials after getting all my battle crashers. I also dislike that this is punishing people for attempting anything challenging, and considering people pay for the upgraded Kingdom Pass, I actually consider it a rip off. It’s majorly off-putting to me that we are forced to grind easy stuff or risk losing them.

I’m confused. I’m still at 10/10 found and two killed, after restarting the game.

I was at 3/10 encounters (correct, 1 win, 2 losses) and 2 crowns (for the one win); I found another battlecrasher in PvP - the game said “unknown error” after victory screen, I hit retry, the game reloaded. After that, I had 4 crowns and 2/10 encounters (correct for what happened), now I’m at 8/10 encounters and I’ve got 16 crowns. I’m looking for the last 2.

EDIT: And found. 12 encounters, 10 kills, 20 crowns in the pocket.


That is not working for me at all. I’m at 10/10 and 2 crowns, both on PC and if I load the game on mobile. Or do you think I’ll still encounter them in spite of it saying 10/10? I wanted to by the Kingdom Pass upgrade, but this is putting me off as I want to actually be able to unlock everything.

The more inert gems you have, the less doomskulls. I’ve seen boards full of those and nothing else. BTW you have to combine skulls to get an explosion, and you might just don’t have enough and no way to get them together.

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Actually, on second inspection the Troop changes are already live on Switch too, so let me take a closer look:

Nope, Switch still shows Mecha Rat’s trait #2 as Sturdy.

I take it back then. The problem isn’t strictly the spell effect itself but Royal Engineer’s summoner-tier Magic stat (and/or 1:1 Magic scaling).

So “Unstable Core” is the new signature trait for Adana Mechs now? It doesn’t do much, but it’s still interesting to have. Adds more variety to Adana runs.

Technically because it’s more difficult to combo/cascade, reducing the # of new gems falling onto the board on any given turn.

BTW, Bomb Gems make an obvious nasty combo with Gargoyle Gems.

Carefully adds the hyphen to all the mech troops: check.

Forgets to add DRACOS’s hyphen in the battle naming in the world event: check.